Overseas US Region [B|2] Compatible Blu-ray and DVD Imports

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    No problem!

    Speak of the devil, considering I've watched your pickup vids for a long time now I was wondering if you were willing to test all of your Discotek titles? We've noticed a bunch ended up working on a Region 2 player (and an odd case with The Night on the Galactic Railroad being Region B compatible also), so if you have time I was wondering if you could check them?
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    I don't have too many more than the already confirmed so yeah I could do that.
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    I'd also love to know what the situation is with Discotek's BDs. I keep saying I'll get hold of one of their recent Lupin combo packs and that'll give me a chance to investigate properly, but funds aren't permitting for a while.
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    Phew okay do I have a list for you lol. I went all out whilst listening to the football.

    Firstly I noticed that HDE's confirmation of Dino Mech Gaiking isn't on the list yet.

    So I tested all the Discotek releases I have that weren't already on the list and it's good news pretty much save a couple. Here we go

    Working Not Working

    8 Man After
    Adieu Galaxy Express 999

    Animal Treasure Island
    Blue Submarine No.6 DVD (DTS Edition released in 2016)
    Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 1 Blu Ray
    Cutey Honey TV
    Demon City Shinjuku
    Devilman TV
    Dr.Slump Movies 1-5
    Galaxy Express 999 The Movie
    Galaxy Express 999 Eternal Fantasy
    Ghost Stories

    Golden Boy
    Golgo 13 The Professional DVD
    Lily C.A.T.
    Locke The Superman

    Lupin the Third: Jigen's Gravestone Blu Ray (My UK BD player gave me no error code or a wrong region screen, it just loaded for abit then stopped)
    Lupin the Third: Napoleon's Dictionary
    Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro Blu Ray
    Lupin the Third: The Fuma Conspiracy
    Lupin the Third: The Mystery of Mamo
    Ringing Bell
    Saint Seiya Movies Vol.1
    Saint Seiya Movies Vol.2
    Sea Prince and the Fire Child
    Space Adventure Cobra Movie DVD

    Taro The Dragon Boy
    Tekkaman Blade II DVD
    Unico Double Feature Blu Ray
    Violence Jack
    Wicked City

    Wonderful World Of Puss 'N' Boots

    Golden Boy surprises me, the other 3 DVDs were the first three anime releases Discotek did. Lupin the 3rd Fuma conspiracy was 2007 and it seemed likely that everything after so far as DVD would work and that seems to be the case apart from the 2012 Golden Boy release. It's weird since Discotek had been releasing Anime pretty much exclusively from 2010 onwards.

    I also found a few more CPM releases with 'ALL' on the back cover

    A Wind Named Amnesia
    Ayane's High kick
    Black Jack Biohazard
    Black Jack Incubation
    Black Jack Infection
    Black Jack Mutation
    Black Jack Parasite
    Black Jack Seizure
    Black Jack Trauma
    Dominion Tank Police
    Garzey's Wing
    Grappler Baki The Ultimate Fighter
    Legend of Lemnear
    My My Mai
    Project A-Ko
    Project A-ko Love & Robots
    Project A-Ko Uncivil Wars
    They Were Eleven
    Wild Cardz
    Wrath of the Ninja The Yotoden Movie

    Then curiosity set in and I tried the few CPM titles that said Region 1 on the back and well here's the results

    Alien Nine
    Angel Sanctuary
    Birdy the Mighty Double Trouble
    Birdy the Might Final Force

    Darkside Blues
    Harlock Saga
    Silent Service
    Strange Love

    Tokyo Babylon
    Urusei Yatsura Movie 2: Beautiful Dreamer
    Virgin Fleet

    I then had a sudden thought, perhaps alot of the Manga Entertainment titles would work also given they probably used the same disc across both US/UK regions. Here are the results

    Angel Cop
    Appleseed OVA

    Astroboy 1980 Complete Collection
    Black Magic M-66
    Ghost Sweeper Mikami Movie

    Guyver Bio Boosted Armor Vol.1
    Guyver Bio Boosted Armor Vol.2
    Highlander The Search for Vegeance

    Macross II The Movie
    Macross Plus Vol.1
    Macross Plus Vol.2
    Macross Plus Movie Edition
    New Dominion Tank Police
    Royal Space Force Wings of Honneamise
    Psychic Wars
    Shadow Skill
    Street Fighter Alpha The Movie

    Sword for Truth
    The Dark Myth

    Vampire Wars

    Finally I tried a couple of release from relatively unknown publishers

    Joe vs Joe Collection 1: The First 3 Rounds [AnimeWho]
    Joe vs Joe Collection 2: The Final Rounds [AnimeWho]

    Galaxy Express 999 TV Series Vol.1 [S'More Entertainment]

    Bio Hunter [Urban Vision]
    Golgo 13 Queen Bee [Urban Vision]
    Vampire Hunter D [Urban Vision]

    And with that me and my Samsung BD Player are going to take a well deserved break lol
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    Just FYI, Macross II was released by Kiseki in the UK so it's unlikely that the masters are identical since even though the kiseki version states region 0 it is English language only (and from what I remember could be considered a bodge job taken from the VHS version).
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    Blimey that's one heck of a list, thank you very much Blaize!

    Ah my bad. Long story short when the forum's backup came back I realised I didn't update the newer tested Discotek titles (between Jan 2016-June 2016) so I lost a couple bits of data. Thankfully I was able to back up a fair amount.

    That's quite odd indeed. Sad that Golden Boy isn't compatible, that would have saved me the fuss of having to use my laptop to play Region 1 discs. Ah well, still at least there's a lot of them that works like normal, especially with Lupin III and the old 'Nasty' Manga UK titles Discotek rescued (which were cut in the UK).
  7. Blaize

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    No problem I had quite abit of fun doing it actually. I know your the same but I quite enjoy lists and things like this.

    Also I made a mistake, Royal Space Force Manga Ent DVD does work, I had it in red but have since fixed that. While we have the BD of course now in both A/B lands the Manga DVD is worth having still for the Commentary track.

    Also you have listed the Blue Submarine DVD as the original release, I tested the 2016 version which is a whole new release (new pressing with extra audio options). I would be almost certain the original release works too but we can't be sure.
  8. NormanicGrav

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    Re:Honneamise. Ah yeah I remember the Commentary being hard to acquire so at least that version is compatible.

    Re:Blue Sub. Oh dear, got confused between the two ;_; I'll fix that.
  9. sniper_samurai

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    You are probably right about the Kiseki Macross II as their release of Gunbuster was a bodged VHS rip complete with the dreaded white static bar at one point where the tape started to retrack.
  10. Blaize

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    So I received this morning two more Lupin Specials from Discotek.

    Working Not Working

    Lupin the Third: Alcatraz Connection
    Lupin the Third vs Detective Conan The Movie

    I also received Memories from Siren Visual and it worked on my Zone A PS3 (says Zone B only on the back). Sooooo I got curious once again and while I'm sure most of this was known I decided to check all my AU DVDs for Region 2 and well the results were terrible minus a single outlier.

    Siren Visual

    Black Rock Shooter TV
    Chihayafuru Part One
    Chihayafuru Part Two
    Dennou Coil Part One
    Dennou Coil Part Two
    Hakaba Kitaro
    Higurashi When They Cry Part One
    Higurashi When They Cry Part Two
    Higurashi When They Cry Rei Part One
    Higurashi When They Cry Rei Part Two
    Monster Part One
    Monster Part Two
    Monster Part Three
    Monster Part Four
    Monster Part Five

    Samurai Horror Tales
    Thermae Romae
    Welcome to Irabu's Office

    Madman Entertainment

    Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040
    Captain Herlock Endless Odyssey
    Nichijou My Ordinary Life Collection One
    Nichijou My Ordinary Life Collection Two
    Star Blazers Quest for Iscandar
    Star Blazers The Comet Empire
    Star Blazers The Bolar Wars

    At least this can be a reference to any unsure if any of these would work lol.
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    Wow. Testing that lot must have worn out your eject button :D
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    New update to the post thanks to Funimation's November line-up.

    Regions A|B|1|2|4
    • Overlord - Complete Series [Funimation]
    LE full-art revealed the regions on the discs. Given the show is under Kadokawa Media Factory, they generally tend to be region free so this is no surprise. The Funi Shop has all of the new titles under A|1 which is rather odd (considering they're all available on Funi Now UK), so it's best to keep an eye when they get released. I'll be pre-ordering Overlord so I'll test it myself.
  13. HdE

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    Fresh one for the list!

    Discotek's Darkstalkers OVA collection is another 'works in anything you slot it into' type dealio.

    Also, will aim to get it watched and reviewed on Youtube soon. Ish.
  14. demonix

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    Strawberry Marshmallow Complete OVA Collection and Bodacious Space Pirates Abyss of Hyperspace confirmed as geo locked.
  15. NormanicGrav

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    Doctor was able to test the Haruhi Suzumiya Ultimate Collector's Edition Blu-ray for me (as mine is at another location). Here's the results:

    Regions A|B:
    • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Complete Seasons One & Two [Funimation]
    Region A:
    • The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan - Complete Series [Funimation]
    • The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya & Nyoron Churuya-san - Complete Series [Funimation]
    So as you can see, the main two seasons will work on your players (including the DVD extras disc). But the rest of the franchise is Region A only.
  16. Emulsion

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    Had a skim and didn't see it mentioned, but the title in the list that are orange, are they new or to be tested?
  17. NormanicGrav

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    The ones highlighted in orange are titles that are scheduled for release and are to be tested (since they have B/2 listed in their specs).
  18. Blaize

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    You can add CB Go Nagai World to the Discotek list ;)
  19. IncendiaryLemon

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    Just received Kiniro Mosaic Season 2 and it appears to be Region A/B. I've tried it on my PS4 and my Region Free BD player with the Region code set to A and B and it plays fine on both, no bypass or anything required.
  20. NormanicGrav

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    If you tried it on a PlayStation then it's geolocked.


    Working out which Sentai BD is region free is actually more complicated now. The Sentai discs are geolocked and a majority of the players are set to United States. All current consoles are geolocked as well.