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Via Amazon UK:









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While I dislike the logos on Heaven's Feel and Made in Abyss it's still better than them being on the front I guess.

And yeah Girls Last Tour looks to be one of their better sets this year. That sure is one clean cover


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After experiencing the horror that was the Heaven’s Feel Madman Collector’s BD set a couple of weeks ago, what with its flimsy outer box, I am relieved that the MVM one will likely be chipboard as suggested by them when I contacted them about it - doesn’t matter about logos; I will just be happy to have chipboard :)


Great Teacher
Is that a mistake on the back of Heaven's Feel? Audio is listed as 2.0. Audio is 5.1 on the AoA release.
It's a mistake

The Madman version is 32.7GB on a single BD50.

Audio is 1536 kb/s, DTS HD MA 5.1 16 bit for both tracks. I don't have high end equipment but it sounded fantastic to me. The transfer on my TV looked pretty damn good as well, fairly happy with the result. It has the MVM logo so the UK transfer is going to be identical. I'd love to have the Aniplex version to check if gamma is correct but as far as banding and artifacting I didn't see much if any,
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