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Of course another isekai I've never heard of gets an LE!

Personally I would've preferred Akudama Drive got one but oh well.
There is one for Akudama Drive coming!

Limited Edition Includes:
  • 60-Page Art Book
  • 7 Art Cards
  • Acrylic Standees of Shark and Bunny
Whether this remains US exclusive is another matter but it exists!
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Of course another isekai I've never heard of gets an LE!

It's actually a 100% Fantasy series believe it or not. It's got quite a following with the light novels so the anime getting an LE was no surprise from my perspective.


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That's interesting that they're doing the Vampire Knight anime on BD, not sure I'll pick it up as it's not a top priority title for me but I hope this will make some diehard fans happy at least :)

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Oh man, I'm so wanting The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent on Blu-ray, hopefully it gets a BD release in the West. If that JP set included English subtitles, it would be an insta-buy for me! Sadly, I'm sure it won't.


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I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed as I kind of expected this to get some sort of fancy collector's edition release. But it's still the most important anime release of the year and an absolute must buy unless it's also announced across here.