UK Anime Distributor Universal Pictures Discussion Thread

Jon O Fun

Dragon Knight
Looks to be a good release, Universal have been great thus far :D (though I agree that side-opening would be better than top-opening)
Would be interesting to see if anything has developed regarding Berserk 2016 as well (especially since a dub trailer was just unveiled)
Pretty sure the Universal rep said on here going forward they'd be side loading but did Seraph & Arslan part 2 top loading for consistency :)


Za Warudo
Nice, didn't know these guys would be releasing it over here, will certainly be picking it up. I should probably pick up part 2 of Seraph soon actually.....


AUKN Staff
I'm interested in the plans for Star-Myu, nothing's happened with either Amazon listing for quite some time now. Given how niche the title is, I do wonder if they'll do the Arslan/Owari route or stick to standards.

Did not see Universal having Hero Academia (official announcement soon I hope), not that I'm complaining as that's a must for a fancy edition & I love what they did with their previous releases.

Shiroi Hane

Dragon Knight
To note some things:
Going back to Funimation's original announcement, they have "exclusive international rights to home entertainment, video on demand, merchandise, and broadcast distribution of the series".
MHA was likewise submitted to the Australian Classification Board by Universal Sony Pictures.
Funimation have a distribution agreement with Universal in the US.

UKA's article on this makes it clear they believe Universal UK is distributing the title for Funimation (and I wouldn't be surprised if they have inside knowledge as they have contact with and have run exclusive news with Universal previously). I think the bigger question is whether this is a one off or whether Funimation are going to transition to distributing via Universal in all three territories from now on. Jerome has mentioned more than once on Twitter that he believes that Universal will be distributing for Funimation (and Crunchyroll) in future so...


Vampire Ninja
Interesting if that is the case going forward.
Hopefully we still get some nice special editions like Seraph and Arslan in the future.

A lot of the licenses Anime Limited have coming up that I'm interested in seem to be films, and I'm down with them focusing on releasing those (as with series I tend to be quite fussy on which ones I buy).


Dandy Guy, in Space
Don't think they'll be shifting many copies if it stays at that price then.
£50 is where I was thinking, especially for a 12 ep series.


Combat Butler
Don't think they'll be shifting many copies if it stays at that price then.
£50 is where I was thinking, especially for a 12 ep series.
I wouldn't pay £50 for such a mediocre series. £35 for a standard edition would be my absolute limit on this title.