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Is anyone here gonna see this?

I checked out the trailer and it looks to be a mix between The Matrix and Martial Arts


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From some of the reviews i've read it's suppost to be terrible, so i'll probably wait till its out on dvd and rent it.


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I liked Equilibrium since it was a decent cheesy action movie which didn't depend on Matrix style slow-mo for the gunfights. Just as long as you ignored the storyline, which was probably written by a 4 year old as a boredom reliever while he was getting over his concussion in hospital.

However, like 3nvy, I can't say I've heard anything but bad things about Ultraviolet. From the trailer alone, it looks as if they decided to go with the Matrix slowmo effects after all, much to my dissapointment.


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I'm only interested in it for one soul reason: Milla Jovovich. <3

I like how she's mostly in movies which flop. >:


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No, I don't think I'll see it. I'm sure it's all style, no story.

Anyone else think it looks a lot like Aeon Flux though? Is the whole 'futuristic martial-arts' thing a film type nowadays?


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I`m not to keen on it since I haven`t heard any good things about it.

But I think I will be dragged too it anyways, after the girlfriend saw the trailer for it when we went to see X-men3. She whispered something about wanting to see it.
Saw the advert for this inbetween the break in Home & Away. It certainly piqued my interest with flashy effects - but I've been reading reviews and it seems to be all action no substance. A typical boy's film then. :?

I'll stick to Resident Evil Apocalypse - although Milla Jovovich's character Alice, always seems to outstage the better and cooler Jill Valentine. She can't even light up a match without 'Alice' finishing off the job!
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I loved Equilibrium but Ive heard UltraViolet basically got taken out of the hands of the director after he submitted a cut of the film that the studio didn't like so they chopped it to hell.


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it's a hot lady with weapons and power = I'll go and see it, but I wont expect much so I wont get too disappointed ><

I heard one of her abilities is to change the colour of her hair? A great girl flick then :S *dies*


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I think this has the potential to be a kitsch classic.
When I saw the trailer months ago with the baddie saying "Are you mental?!" it certainly stood out...

I'm tempted, but I know it will be bad. The question is, bad awful or bad enjoyable?


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I just saw "The Making of" (Yes, see what happens when you don't have a job kids). It wasn't really a making of though. It was more of "we had to get stunt people because of all the stunts" and "we had to get fight coreographers because of all the fight coreography" and "we had to get green screen men, because of all the green screen things".

I would go watch it at the cinema, but only because I dont realt think there is anything else worth watching, apart from that Fearless movie which I don't know much about.


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I remember watching an ad and it looked alright. But after reading some reviews it seems to be absolutely terrible.


Am gonna see this when it comes out on DVD, was really up for seeing it at the cinema based on the trailer but when I read more about it, it sounds like she's bodyguarding some kid..... why ruin a fight/action movie but putting in a child to give her some sort of motherly instincts protecting some kid



AWE.........FUL (who thought I'd say awesome) it was bad and I mean bad like Ja Ja Binks in Star Wars bad. I had such high hopes for this movie.

Apparently Violet is dying throughout the moviem they mention it over and over again but the reason is never really made clear why or of what. The sentimentality of her saving a boy seems tacked onto the plot when it wasn't needed, it would have been just as good with her fighting the corporation who are trying to wipe her kind out.

The ending seems like it was meant to end one way and then the movie studio changed it at the last minute incase people felt sad or didn't like the idea of a child dying in order to progress the plot

Final Fight is in pitch darkness so you only get flashes of light from the flaming swords, so just because they can see in the dark we have to suffer. Also other fights through out the movie were not seen instead you had to look at a door, yes a door, and hear sound effects (which were also aweful and some didn't even match the onscreen action, example the vamp sword fight in the church) then the door would open and Violet would be in a heroic pose.

Saving points.... well the swords were cool they way they appear out of no where due to dimensional technology

2 out of 5

Worst line she gets blood on main bad guy who is germ phobic and his comeback is 'oh now it's on[/spoiler]
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Hovis! said:

In the style of Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons?

Nah I liked the basis for it but something really made it suck, mainly that pointless - mother protecting child theme - I mean was it really necessary????

Whats wrong with vamp kicking corporations butt for trying to wipe them out, I wanted to see more ninjas rather than the little bit of film they got at the start.