UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains


School Idol
The one on tottenham court road in london is still open, I'm holding out for an exciting price crash in the very last week or two so I can afford to have a big anime splurge...

awadama fever

Za Warudo
Liverpool SilverScreen's closing too...I would never have bothered looking if I hadn't heard about the others, so thanks guys.

Pretty limited selection of anime, but I still managed to get Love Hina 2, Cowboy Bebop 2 Judgment Day 2005 all with 30% off...very nice. 8)


Great Teacher
And over at you can get the first 2 voumes of R.O.D. (Read Or Dream) for £9.99 each. Not bad, I've been waiting for them to drop in price, and this finally makes them more affordable to me. Don't know how long it'll last though.


The Silverscreen in Maidstone is closing too. So you get around 20% off anime which is normally £20 and it is still more expensive than most in HMV!


Magical Girl
FullMetalCat said:
why ? is that
Because when a store is going bankrupt they usually put on sales to make up as much money as they possibly can from their remaining stock to reduce their burden of debt. Those sales make it good for consumers' bank accounts (ie being able to get stuff they want at a fraction of normal prices), which is what Ryo was implying.


School Idol
The Tottenham Court Road branch is shut now, missed out on any last minute bargains if there were any but I did get 40% off some live action Asian films with a further 10% when I bought 3. Didn't have much anime left by then though, ah well.

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My local Silverscreen closed recently. The only anime deals I got were Evangelion Vol 5 for £12 (Plat edition) and Metropolis for £4. The rest were WWE DVDs.....

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I have noticed Music Zone is having some sort of anime sale they have titles like Nadesico an Spriggan going for £4.99 not to bad :)


Thousand Master
Yeah, music zone used to have a bit of a blind spot when it came to anime, but theres some pretty good deals to be found there now.


School Idol
I don't know if this is HMV only or trade-wide, but the price for Steamboy has dropped to £9.99 and the price for the Box set to £12.99.
Which I'm more than a little annoyed at after shelling out full price for the box, thinking it was going to be really limited and my only chance to get the director's cut.