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We were just talking about unfinished anime. Loved GLT, but it only covers 4 of the 6 volumes and those last 2 definitely needs to be read to fully appreciate the story.

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I noticed that Zavvi sale last night (was already online for purchasing the Leon 4k steelbook which I thought might sell out) and wondered if anyone had posted it. As a steelbook collector the Dragon Ball Super steel set being reduced to £79.99 is tempting. Also tempted by the limited edition of Demon Slayer Mugen Train even though I don't actually own the TV show yet. If I get it though I'm going to have to track down the OOP part of the season 1 boxset, damn. Decisions.
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Yep I was fortunate to pick up both parts of S1 before they went OOS. I guess there will be a matching one for S3 entertainment arc at some point, which I'll just have to snap up instantly.

The movie was also released as S2 but I'm not convinced there would be a separate one for that, as it's essentially the same as the movie.


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