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Straw Hat Pirate
Wise mans grand child also does similar at amazon with £7 off at check out making it £14.99. But still on offer at Zavvi for £15+P&P, so not sure who gonna be better there.
Overlord 3 final price £12.99 (£9.40 off at check out)
Overlord 2 final price £12.49 (£9.90 off at check out)
Beyond Boundaries final price £11.49 (£8.50 off at check out)
in another world with my smartphone £14.99
My hero Academia two heroes £6
No guns no life S1 £15
Noragami S1 £15

Saga of Tanya DVD only £10
Arifureta DVD only £10
One piece DVD also seem to have the reduced at check out too

So for the most part looks to be just price matching to Zavvi 50% off sale

Currently leaning towards Amazon but that's only cause I just played with Zavvi customer service.



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Hanasaku Iroha Pt 1 edit: now £9.20, limbo limbo!
this has been limboing down over the last couple of weeks, how low will it go?
(also note that Pt 2 is getting pricey new but can be got secondhand from CEX for £8)

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