Trailers and cover-art for UK's Paprika and Tekkon Kinkreet


Ghost of Animes
Sony Pictures have given us a heads up on two of their upcoming anime DVD releases, both due out on 24th September;
<li>Paprika is the latest animated movie from the one-and-only Satoshi Kon. Quite possibly his most beloved work yet, Paprika looks as disturbing and mind-bending as Paranoia Agent and Perfect Blue, and as emotional and outright beautiful as Millennium Actress. If you still aren't convinced, <a href="">take a look at the trailer</a> or gorge on the <a href="">beautiful DVD cover art</a>.</li>
<li>Tekkonkinkreet (a.k.a Black & White) is the newest movie animated by Studio 4C, arguably the most exciting - and certainly the most experimental - animation studio working in Japan today. The story is based on a manga from the masterful Taiyou "Ping Pong" Matsumoto and is said to combine the unique visual style of Studio 4C with the cathartic character drama of Matsumoto's manga. Of course, if you won't take my word for it - <a href="">stream the trailer</a> (featuring a song from Asian Kung-fu Generation) and <a href="">view the cover art</a>.</li>


Ghost of Animes
I can't wait to see these movies. They both look so exciting and refreshing. I've owned their respective soundtracks for nearly a year now too, Susumu Hirasawa and Plaid. They both define animated perfection, I'm especially looking forward to Tekkon Kinkreet since Ping Pong is like one of my favorite movies of all time.


Death Scythe
I wasn't aware of Tekkon Kinkreet at all but after seeing that trailer...Ping Pong is also a great movie I need to get on DVD sometime.

It's also good to see everything's finalised with Paprika - I've had it on preorder for what seems like forever!


Magical Girl
Nice! Sony Pictures are pretty good. Anybody else noticed how they put the Japanese subbed as the first language on some of they're releases? It’s a nice touch.


I have that Paprika cover artwork as a 120x160cm poster. For those too lazy to check, that's a huge poster and it looks schmexy on my wall.


Death Scythe
I would absolutely love to see both of these as soon as I can.

The only problem is with them being in between the changing formats I don't feel like I want to settle for dvd quality anymore. I think I'm going to make an investment in a blu-ray player sometime in the future and wait to see such things as these on that.

It's a shame there's no 'special limited edition' of any of Sony's upcoming films though..


Gawyn said:
Paprika is definitely my favourite movie of this last year and I can't wait to get the UK DVD.

Still have to watch Paprika, hopefully I will get to see it this weekend, the trailer made my jaw drop is was so stunning

Mr B

Student Council President
I've had Paprika on order through Play for a while now but I glad to see Tekkonkinkreet out on DVD, read Black & White manga when it was first published in the US (on import). It has a diffrent feel to most manga but is still pritty cool :D


OMGWOW!! I can't wait to see Paprika, especially after that mind blowing trailer. I'd looked into it a few times but now, I must own this movie!! I also love the style of Tekkonkinkreet. Looks very cool. Why the hell can't we make movies like these. :evil: