Trading toys & Gashapon, open or sealed?

Trading toys and Gashapon, opened or sealed?

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  • I prefer them open so I know what i'm getting

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How would you guys actually prefer to order these items?

unopened so it's a suprise, or opened so you know what you're getting?

opened seems to prove a more expensive option to the consumer, as the seller will always be left over with duplicates thus pushing the price up.

Am just curious.



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Buying them sealed is annoying, or at least that's what I find! I bought a set of 10 sealed Pretty Cure Gashapon toys from Japan, I ended up with 4 of one, 4 of another and 1 each of two more and didn't end up with all 5 figures in the set!


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Yeah, or you could sell the spares in a sale where it would be lucky dip what you got, or you could give them away when someone spends a certain amount of money or buys a certain thing


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yeah I was looking at a certain carton, can't remember which one it was, but it was a box of 12, 2 sets of 4 plus repeated ones :

2 * 1
2 * 2
3 * 3
2 * 4
3 * 5

and it was the same for every carton!! so there's always gonna be a surplus!

but I guess the point is that they're trading figures!

I started all of this because I saw loads of UK sites and HK sites selling sets for £14.99 then £5 delivery!

for me personally I think £20 for £5 worth of goods is far too much!

/end Rant!


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I prefer them opened beause if there not its the kind of thing I would spend so much money on to find a certain character, but if its like a box of them then sealed, because I got the first ones of the naruto toys and discovered the apparently rare Sexy no Justu figure which was a nice suprise.


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yeah I bought a few initial D sets in Hong Kong

from a specialist Gashapon shop, One of the sets contained a blue subaru impreza, which isn't on any of the boxes/inserts, it's a mega rare jobber



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While having sealed ones is fun because you never know what you're gonna get, I'm also going to vote 'open', for the same reasons as everybody else...


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Also i was thinking, that while i do want them unsealed so i know what i'm getting, i would also like the set placed back in the original box they came in, as i do like to collect things properly, this especially applies to things like the BLEACH Zanzoshu 1 Trading Figures as i believe i heard they have been discontinued