Time of Eve Delayed again


Thousand Master
From the email:

It is January, the promised delivery date. And it pains us enormously that we aren't ready to ship the Blu-ray this month. We are working hard to get the 100+ subtitle files into tiptop shape, polish the English translation of Yoshiura's short story for the bonus book, and NYAV Post is now tackling the final audio mix for the English dub.

We are aiming to get all of the materials to Justin Sevakis for the Blu-ray authoring by January 21st, and if all goes well, we will ship in February. We fully accept your ire and disappointment. If you are understanding, we accept that with gratitude.


Za Warudo
I honestly forgot that I'd even backed this to be honest >_>
Nice to know it'll be sent off for authoring on my birthday anyway :3