Thought Bubble Festival 21st Nov '09 Leeds (cosplay, manga!)


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Hi guys!!

I have been entrusted by Thought Bubble as special guest cosplayer and host of the cosplay masquerade to make sure everyone in the anime and manga community knows about this special event! If you were at AlCon '09 then you might have gotten cute little leaflets in your conpacks telling you a little about the affair, or you might have attended last year, but on the AlCon leaflets the crucial manga-related items were left off! Here are a few of my top highlights besides the official press:

- Manga artists Sonia Leong (Sweatdrop), Yishan Li (How to Draw Manga), Emma Vieceli (Manga Shakespeare) and a whole load of anime and manga related merchants will be there, so you can get signed volumes and prints, portfolio views and critique and generally meet and greet some fab artists from the industry whilst cramming your face full of Pocky from the vendors! (THINK MINI-EXPO THAT COSTS A LOT LESS XD)
- I will be running a cosplay table all morning, where not only can you sign up for what should prove to be a mammoth masquerade (there were over a hundred cosplayers last year!) but you can quiz me on anything cosplay related that you might like. (I might even sign something if you ask nicely XD). There are cool goodies up for grabs for the winners of the Cosplay Competition (judged by manga artists and of course, yours truly), and the whole staged affair should be a riot! Oh, and did I mention cosplayers get into the event half price?
- I think it's appropriate I point out this thread, where good Animeleague member Yamada has put forward organising an AL meetup at Thought Bubble '09! viewtopic.php?f=300&t=93684 . .... you know, just in case you're an AL member XD

Now, on with the REST of the show!!::


Tickets on sale now for the North of England’s largest comic book celebration. Featuring a huge one day comic book convention at Saviles Hall, Leeds’ largest convention space on Saturday 21st November - with leading artists and writers from around the world and 100’s of exhibitors from across the UK.

The third annual Thought Bubble sequential-art festival will take place this year from the 19th – 22nd November at a variety of venues across Leeds. The festival celebrates comic books, manga and anime and graphic novels in all their different guises, including everything from superheroes to independent small-press, and aims to cater to both long-time comic book fans as well as those who have never picked up a graphic novel before.

The main goal of the Thought Bubble Festival is to promote literacy and creativity. Over 4 days we will be hosting art and writing based workshops and masterclasses for young-people and adults including manga workshops run by Emma Vieceli and Yishan Li, as well as panels and talks by industry professionals. We will also present, in partnership with Leeds International Film Festival, a programme of sequential-art related film screenings with previews, anime and cutting edge comic based documentaries. Our programme will be announced soon at

This year’s event will also feature our 2nd book- crossing event in partnership with 7 publishers including Viz Media UK and Tokyopop. Hundred’s of free comics and graphic novels will be placed across Leeds in venues, such as cafes and restaurants, information points, community centres and retail outlets. A special card will tell the person that has picked it up they can read it and take it home, pass it on to friends or colleagues or simply leave it where they found it for the next person.

The centrepiece to the festival is a special one-day convention at Saviles hall on Saturday 21st which the gives fans and audiences the opportunity to meet some of their favourite comic book creators for sketching and signing sessions, and also browse a huge selection of memorabilia on sale – provided by some of the best exhibitors and dealers from across the country – all of which spans over 150 display tables. We will hold a special manga portfolio viewing and a huge cosplay competition. The convention is viewed by many in the comics community as one of the best events of its kind in the UK, with Mark Millar (writer/creator of Wanted and Kick-Ass) calling it “the best con in the world”.

Big name guests from the comic book and movie industry confirmed for this year’s Thought Bubble so far include Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night), Frank Quitely (All-Star Superman, Batman & Robin), Paul Cornell (Doctor Who), Yishan Li (Yishan Studio How to Draw Manga Books) Sonia Leong (Sweatdrop) Emma Vieceli (Manga Shakespeare) Andy Diggle (The Losers, Hellblazer), Duncan Fegredo (Hellboy), Adi Granov (Iron Man), Charlie adlard (The Walking Dead) and Barry Kitson (Amazing Spider-Man) with many more scheduled to appear throughout the festival period.

Entry to the Thought Bubble Convention is priced at £8 and under 12’s get in free, Cosplayers are half price at £4. Tickets are available at Travelling Man Comic Shop Leeds and City Centre Box office on Millennium Square or call 0113 2243801. Online tickets can also be purchased through and
If you are attending in cosplay please pay on the day and sign up for our special cosplay competition in Saviles Hall foyer where leading cosplayer Natasha Tyler aka Tetra will be waiting to take your name and answer your questions.

Please see the website for any other details!

I've just gotten the gorgeous map-cum-leaflets through and they are not only deliciously bright pink, but they have a huge amount of panels from western comic illustrators, an anime screening, and loads of opportunities to get advice from the pros. There is a promotional video up on youtube and I'll be back on here with links soon!

If you have any questions, scour the Thought Bubble website and if in doubt, contact the good organisers or yours truly ^___^

Thank you, and I'll see you there!


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Hey sweetie, nice to see you on here! ^^

Just wanted to help pimp this as well - it's a good little event for anyone further north, I wouldn't miss it for the world. I really enjoyed myself last time, the atmosphere is fun and busy and it's a nice location.


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The printed leaflets smell like yorkshire puddings! (well, that's what my nose picks up anyway!)

Thanks Sonia, it's a miracle to see me anywhere with my notorious phobia of forumming, but I think I'm getting there ^^'

Glad you enjoyed Thought Bubble last year, it's looking like this year is bigger, better, and busier than ever. Sequential is based around fun and diversity, so you can be sure of the range of people (both professional and attendee) that you get there ^^