This week's UK anime DVD releases


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Released earlier this week were a large number of anime DVDs, although with UK shops like <a href=""></a> reporting a lack of stock for MVM's most recent releases; another delay for their releases below seems very likely.<ul class="menu"><b>19 September 2005</b>
<li>Appleseed (Optimum Asia)
<li>Aquarian Age #2 (ADV)
<li>Chrono Crusade #4 (ADV)
<li>Full Metal Alchemist #2 (MVM) *
<li>Gad Guard #5 (ADV)
<li>Get Backers #5 (ADV)
<li>Gungrave #3 (MVM) *
<li>Haibane Renmei #3 (MVM) *
<li>Mezzo DSA #2 (ADV)
<li>Peacemaker #1 (ADV)
<li>Spriggan Special Edition (with Soundtrack) (ADV)
<li>Tsukihime Lunar Legend #2 (MVM) *
* = Possible delays.</ul>The UK debut of GONZO's period-samurai series Peacemaker along with the action-packed Spriggan Special Edition (incl. Soundtrack) are our "hot picks" from ADV, while no doubt many anime fans have been waiting patiently for Optimum Asia's UK release of the new Appleseed movie. Be sure to keep yourself up to date with every UK anime release by having a quick gander at our <a href="">comprehensive schedule</a>.
Hmm more possible delays for MVM titles, Im assuming this will probably cause their previous Septmeber releases to be delayed further into October still at the rate things are going. The fire must have really, really hit MVM bad if they are still struggling.
To be honest, the amount of titles I buy Region 2 nowadays is shrinking rapidly; many series i've started in R2 I have now switched to Region 1. I haven't purchased Appleseed yet, and I enjoyed it's glorious graphics, so I may pick up the R2 release.
From what I read in NEO, it seemed that MVM lost all their masters in the fire (rather than just some of them, as I'd previously assumed). It does make you wonder why they didn't have backups if everything was in one place, but then again, what's done is done, and hopefully they will eventually get back on track.

With regards to the DVDs that actually are available, I'll be picking up Chrono Crusade #4 and renting Aquarian Age #2.
It's all about Spriggan :) Brainless beat-em up movie with some fantastic animation and biblical context; I can watch this movie over and over and never get bored!
My local video store is good for ADV stuff but absolutely ****ing useless for everything else. As a consequence they don't have Spriggan in stock yet. >.<
Umm... Spriggan is an ADV title isn't it? :?

Well, I received my copy of FMA 2 last week so MVM have at least some copies of that to send out somewhere. Their other releases haven't found their way into my grubby paws as of yet though...
Found Appleseed in my local Silverscreen store for 12.99! Despite my being skint, I couldn't physically leave without it at that price... today was a happy day!

(Did they screw up, or are they just very cheap?)
When are they going to finish releasing Haibane-Renmei? It feels like an eternity since they started releasing that series.

Appleseed I'm not as keen on but I might get it some time if I find it going cheap sometime down the line. Right now there's too much other good stuff to go for. :mrgreen:
Well, unless you missed it all and are unaware, MVM lost all of their masters in a fire at a DVD production plant in London back in July. This had the unfortunate occurrance that all of their August releases have had to be (for the most part) put back until this month and they are going to be playing catchup for the rest of the year, even going so far as to release DVDs in December, which MVM have avoided doing in the past.

With a little luck normal service will be resume come January next year with a slightly slower pace of 4 volumes per month...
Paul said:
It's all about Spriggan :) Brainless beat-em up movie with some fantastic animation and biblical context; I can watch this movie over and over and never get bored!
even with a the worst hangover in the history of civilisation it was still entertaining! not that i actually remembered much of it so i'll definitely put it on my shopping list. the OST included is just the icing on the cake.

i was really hoping Haibane #3 was unaffected by recent events but it unfortunately appears that this won't be the case. :(
ive got all of these apart from the mvm ones which have been delayed and cc as it got lost in post and i have to wait for 2 weeks untill they send me a new copy.
I have to admit that due to the delays I've already picked up a fair few of these titles on import.
I will however be picking up the next vols of Chrono Crusade and Aquarian Age. Appleseed looks mighty tempting and I'll perhaps snap up the LE when I have the chance. I'd plump for Spriggan from that list too, but I've had the Madman release for longer than I can rightly recall and I'm far too skint to double dip.
wohoo my vol of Haibane Renmei vol 3 is being processored on play meaining it should be sent out tomorrow and i hope Tsukihime Lunar Legend is sent out tomorrow too as its not been set back its just awaiting stock.