This or That


Mion Sonozaki - Then I can dress her up as Sion... She wont like it, but I dont care. XD

Kick the baby, or Smack my bi***?


Student Council President
Not the turn but, Rena. Kana, kana?

Wet. I hate dry nose and dry weather is often the culprit who's always causing me nosebleeds. And then I'm called pervert... and you know the rest.

Burger or pizza?


State Alchemist
Aw c'mon. You can't make me choose between the only two emotional states I have left... Oh alright then, anger, because at least it keeps you fired up and gives you a sense of purpose. You're calmer and probably more capable of rational thought when you're sad, but also more likely to top yourself.

Skimmed milk tall caramel macchiato with sugar-free vanilla syrup (I kid you not) or Coffee. You know the right answer.

Five... zero... zero... zero. Can't believe I made it.