The works of Jiro Taniguchi


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Dear all, please feel free to post , comment or discuss anything connected to Jiro Taniguchi and his works.
For me personally he is always connected to a very nature driven storytelling. Melancholic, hartwarming and down to earth. Nevertheless, he also ventured into Sci Fi, so a little bit for everyone. :)

For a first glimpse please have a look at HWR´s review of Sky Hawk

My personal favourite manga series of Mr. Taniguchi is the 5 piece epic The summit of the gods.
We follow the path of a never resting hiking specialist setting new goals in climbing more and more dangerous mountains and routes.


Luna also recomended Taniguchi´s work Inu wo Kau. I found a specific trivia why the story was so captivating:


Let´s hope the rest of his great work will also be translatet and released. Definitely worth checking out. :) I think when you google him, you will easily tell if the art style suits your likings or not. It is definitely something special.

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