the *what would you recommend* thread


I made this thread so that if you don't know what to watch or want a friend or family member to watch a anime with or without you then you can ask on this thread to what you would recommend or ask questions about if a show is ok for new people to watch a anime and which series you would recommend


I'm going to watch supernatural anime with my mother soon but I'm also thinking of getting her to watch rinoin kenshin the tv series..... do you think it's a good idea and is it good enough for her to watch...... my mom has seen many anime but didn't like

Squid girl
Ghost in the shell
And we didn't finish ergo proxy because it was boring.

I don't need any recommendations because il watch anything but when it comes to new people who I would like to have some help with or people know of anime but don't know what they should watch next then I'd like to ask you guys.

So what do you think....

Rioni kenshin for mother yes or no


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Clearly a fictional example, there couldn't possibly be anyone that doesn't like Squid Girl.

It'd probably also be handy to know what kind of thing they did like, "many anime" doesn't really help. I'd have to wonder if it's the Ghost in the Shell film or series they didn't like, they're kind of different and I could understand someone liking one but not the other. I'm not sure if it'd help with the question to know but I'd be curious anyway.

Rurouni Kenshin is a tough one anyway, it starts off a bit light and silly but tends to get more dark and serious at times. It also becomes "filler" towards the end. I'd probably go with "yes" anyway because it's worth a go and the show is somewhat popular.

Not that you really needed a response to the example question, maybe if it was a cunningly disguised genuine question but we've already established that's not possible.

So I'm going to recommend Non Non Biyori. To everyone. That's the show you want to watch. Maybe.

I'd have went with Nichijou but it's not so easily available and there's also Shirobako but it's not good for beginners.

I'm just rambling now, on with the questions.


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Whilst Nichijou isn't as easily available as a lot of other shows, most people around here are import savvy, so that isn't really an issue. I do wish it was more easily available and on blu ray but the Madman DVDs are great. Obviously not HD but I found the picture quality on the DVD to be above average IMO. I'd also heartly recommend the show too. I haven't finished yet but I doubt anything in the last 6 episodes will change my mind on how great the show is.


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It's been a long while since I watched Nichijou, but from the things I said at the time the last few eps weren't as enjoyable as the ones earlier in the series, with the definite exception of episode 25 (the penultimate one) which was my favourite episode of the whole thing.


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I'd say no to Rioni kenshin, a 95 episode series seems like a big ask for someone who didn't manage to finish Ergo Proxy (maybe I'm just mad as I love Ergo Proxy).

Recommending Michiko and Hatchin instead, because it's basically Thelma and Louise set in the city of God. It's shorter, fairly episodic and pretty inoffensive (has a good English dub too). It's got some plotting issues, but they're easily overlooked if you find yourself enjoying the two vs the world thing it has going.

But like Smeelia said, this is an entirely pointless exercise without knowing what your mum has already watched/likes.


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I've kind of given up showing anime stuff to my parents outside of Ghibli as they don't really get into it that much.

That said, if I was going to show stuff to them, it would probably only be films - they just don't have the time to sit through a whole TV series.


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Try Time of Eve/Eve no Jikan as well.

For added fun, constantly ask them if they're enjoying it. They may never speak to you again.


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Have been considering that actually.

The last one I showed the, was Garden of Sinners film 1, and they weren't keen.

I've considered Macross Plus too, as the film version is nice and concise and pretty easy to understand even if you have no prior knowledge of Macross.

Also considered End of Evangelion just for the 'Hey, wanna see something really f**ked up?' But I'm not sure I could get past watching *that* opening scene in the company of my parents.


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Okay, I can't decide what to start watching next from my backlog so I figured I'd use this thread to ask for some opinions please. My options are:

- 3 COUR
Patlabor: The TV Series
- 2 COUR
Daphne of the Blue Water
Muv-Luv: Alternative
Otogi Zoshi
- 1 COUR
Comic Artist & His Assistants
Kokoro Connect
Usagi Drop

I'm equally open to watching any of those right now which is why I can't decide on any of them. Any thoughts?

st_owly (witch)

Only ones I've seen are Kokoro Connect and Bunny Drop. Bunny Drop will give you the warm fuzzies inside, Kokoro Connect maybe, but not as much. I still enjoyed it though. Dropped Comic Artists because I didn't find it funny.


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I'd say Usagi Drop is the best of the bunch if you like slice of life / very realistic drama/relationship type shows handled in a mature, adult manner but with real emotional heart.

Kokoro Connect likewise, but with teenage emotions instead and a cheeky sci-fi plot mechanic. Again it handles relationships incredibly well/realistically.

Muv Luv is a pretty decent mecha / Visual Novel type show - pretty gory in places and some decent fanservice, as well as hot mecha action.

Sankarea I'd watch if you like straight up romance with a slight horror/unsettling twist - definitely one of the better romance shows out there though.

And Otogi Zoshi I'd watch if you like old school historical stuff / Production IG's visual style. It looks fairly dated these days, but it has some pretty nice moments and what it does in between the two cours is pretty damn ambitious.


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Lutga said:
Sankarea I'd watch if you like straight up romance with a slight horror/unsettling twist - definitely one of the better romance shows out there though.

As someone who dislikes romance but liked Sankarea I'm not sure I'd put it in that category... Sure I guess it has romance elements, but (with the exception of the unsettling twist) I'd say the general premise is more comedic. Some "cutesy" elements I guess too... I liked the zombie cat
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I guess I just got more from the romance side of things - I found that aspect surprisingly moving in places and well handled. But then, I don't really go for comedy in anime so much unless it's something like Excel Saga or Gintama where it's super wacky and heavy on parodying.


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I'd probably go with Usagi Drop, although maybe keep some tissues handy if you're the type that gets emotional. It's a great series, it's not always happy but it's generally uplifting and has a surprising realism to it. The fact that it's short means you'll also get the satisfaction of ticking another show off your list sooner. Of course, there's also a good chance it'll make your "shows to re-watch" list longer.

I do also recommend Patlabor, which does all kinds of things really. It's also a great series, it tends towards fun adventure stuff but there's also a lot of great character and some occasionally more thoughtful moments too.

Is Daphne of the Blue Water also known as Daphne in the Brilliant Blue? If so then I've seen it. I found it somewhat enjoyable, though I think it could have been a bit better. It's mostly an episodic adventure but with a main story that appears occasionally and then makes up most of the last few episodes. The story isn't the worst, though it's not always handled quite as well as it could be. As long as you go in with measured expectations then it could do reasonably well. I'm not sure what I'd compare it to, maybe things like Kiddy Grade or Outlaw Star. The sort of thing that some people will find great but others might not get as much out of. It's been a while since I watched it, maybe it's one I should re-examine (if I could find the time).

Comic Artist & His Assistants, I found it reasonably fun when I watched it streaming (haven't seen the new release yet, which has extra episodes). I've seen some interesting different interpretations of it. It'd be a decent option for something simple and silly to watch when you have spare time or between heavier shows.

I haven't seen the others so can't comment on those.