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Next you'll be decrying One Piece because stretching your limbs as if they were made of rubber is impossible?

Though it does kinds suck as an arc, it is all explained later and after the build up over the course of 8 volumes, the first battle arc is a nice pay off. Though I didn't think the comedy was that bad. It wasn't laugh out loud funny but it was amusing to read. Besides, it is aimed at an age group who may not be able to appreciate character development so quickly or sudden twists and turns. I mean, look a Heart catch Precure. The character development is noticeable but very slow like reborn. It's also targeted at a young age group but at the same time both are written in such a way that they don't treat the viewer or reader like a complete idiot. However just because the writing is consistent doesn't mean that it is written for an older audience, so of course it's not going to meet your expectations. Unless you're seriously telling that the majority of prose aimed at young adults and children is or should be complex enough that older readers too could feel satisfied in the same way they would reading say something by Shakespeare.

If anything, Reborn is good example of shonen comedy, it has an a nice variety of characters that clash in such a way that it's possible to create all kinds of amusing situations, quite easily. Further more, it's not too far fetched in some respects, before Reborn's arrival, Tsuna like many readers, is just an average school boy with his own problems. Creating a character in that kind of setting right away creates something the target audience can relate with.

But at the same time, children also like to pretend and imagine and play games. I mean, what child doesn't want to pretend at some point, that they're the superhero they saw on TV last night or the hero in the last story they were told.

It's by no means dangerous for a child to try and imitate the 'dying will' nor is it impossible thanks to their imagination. They don't care much about whether Reborn is 5 or 50, if they can relate to the character and find him amusing (which is important in a comedy) then the author already has the most important aspects covered.

So if you're going to tell me that Reborn is bad by any stretch because it's slightly formulaic or because of the slow development then I dare suggest that you are the one who is mistaken.

(That said, I would like to say that for the record, this doesn't mean I'm a fan of Reborn by any stretch)

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To be fair mate, it was just MY opinion. Not everyone is going to like it. If I don't like it for whatever reason that's fine. Even if they are crappy reasons. If people like it that's fine to. Everyone has there own opinion.

Tough vol. 4
Good stuff yet again. Good martial arts action. Only problem I have with these Volumes is that they can be finished so quickly. Maybe because there isn't a lot of dialogue. Only a minor nitpick though.

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Tough Vol. 5&6
Fantastic stuff! Non-stop balls to the walls action! With a hint a character development :)

Tough (vol.1 to 6)
This manga series was made for me! I had the time of my life watching Baki The Grappler then i have the chance to read Tough, which is very similar to Baki The Grappler. Sure its a no-brainer, but its a hell of a lot of fun! My most Favourite manga Series!

Its a shame only 6 volumes were done in english


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Hayate The Combat Butler Volume 1
Please tell me that the initial conversation between Hayate and Blonde-Shana-I mean Nagi and how it led to that understanding made more sense in the original Japanese language.

Personally, I'm not sure what to think of this series so far. I mainly decided to give it a go because I tried watching the latest anime season (which I remember reading would be okay for newcomers...totally wasn't) and thought I'd go to the original manga.

I think the biggest problem with this introductory volume is a lot of the humour is misfired. For example, with Hayate's's like the author is undecided on whether they want me to feel sorry for him, or to laugh it off because of how ridiculous it sounds. The fact that it wasn't entirely focusing on how ridiculous it was (or even left it as Hayate just saying it, so it could be passed off as a lie) means that it doesn't really connect well with the comedy premise. I also know it's meant to be a comedy, but the whole "love at first sight" thing always bugs the hell out of me.

I think the problem with this volume was, there was a fair bit of "ridiculous" but not enough "funny". The last few chapters focusing on Klaus had to be my favourite one (like when Klaus assumed that Hayate was a Gundam and wouldn't hire him because he won't hire a Gundam) and him falling for Hayate when he was forced to cross-dress)


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Gun Blaze West vol.1
Pretty decent. Not fantastic but was still fun. Its nice to see a western themed manga, as there are many out there. It was surprisingly very touching and action packed which was great. Only bad thing is that its not the most original manga I've read.


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A Certain Scientific Railgun 6
Oh wow...I really liked this volume. It's quite a big one (a bit bigger than volume 5, about twice as big as volume 1) but it didn't feel long at all. I think the whole Sisters Arc has been fantastic so far - it's taken such a simple plot device like cloning and given it a real spin. Through Fuyukawa's art, you could really get a deep sense of what Misaka was feeling in this emotional roller-coaster of volume. Her anger towards Academy City, the futility upon learning the truth about Tree Diagram and the relief she felt when Toma intervened. What I love about Misaka is even when you learn about her past, she isn't the kind of female character you want to hug and protect - she's the kind you want to get behind and cheer on.

My only complaint about the volume was that Toma beating down on Accelerator was a tad too short for my liking.


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Berserk vol.1
Wow! This was bat s**t nuts! Do violent and gory! Hell,even the kids are killed in brutal ways!! I can see why this is so popular now! I love it!!!

Fairy Tail vol.1
Ive slready seen a bit of the snime so tgere wasnt anything new here. Still fun to read

Professor Irony

Bad Police (1989)

Ultraviolent one-volume police actioner, much in the mould of classics like Wild 7 and Mad Bull 34. Crudely written and not for the feint of heart, but so wildly exaggerated that it's hard not to crack a smile at its sheer excess, with the main character opening every door with his motorcycle and laughing off 20 bullet wounds in the space of a few hours.


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Stars Arc);

Huh, it's funny how a proper translation puts things in perspective. Oddly enough, beforehand the line was always Sailor Chaos will come and she will be as Entropy across the cosmos with the Tokyopop translation but with this translation that doesn't make it a done deal and makes everyone other than Usagi come off as slightly extremist (and also, interestingly enough plays hooky with one interpretation of Madoka I had) in that They'd be willing to invoke a quiet extinction over the chance that they'd have to be fighting for their lives.

But wow, what a crazy ass trip these last two years have been eh? I mean this time in 2010 you would have never thought that we'd get a proper retranslation of Sailor Moon or Manga would get DBZ (nevermind One Piece!) Out on DVD. Wow.
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