The Visual Novel Thread


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So they're good enough for first time players of VNs? :)
Is the gameplay just clicking? (sorry, really new to all this lol).
I'd say so. And yeah. I mean, you can set them to auto-scroll, but for the most part it's just clicking.

Depending on the VN they tend to have choices you make along the way or various other mechanics. Steins;Gate in particular has one where sending text messages at key points can affect which ending you see.

Professor Irony

I like Steins;Gate a lot, but (and I've found this with Chaos;Head too), I think it's not that obvious how the choices you're making are actually affecting the route you're taking through the game. My experience with VN games isn't that extensive, but generally with the other ones I've played, it felt easier to understand what the choice you're making was going to affect - Steins;Gate can be a bit obscure in that regard.

Even without comparing it to the anime, I also thought the early part of the game was quite long winded. Not as much as Fate right enough, but it takes a good number of hours before the story really starts in earnest, and there's a fair amount of infodumpy lecturing from Kurisu to get through too.


S;G0 VN is so so so much better than the anime. Am the only person who does love the start of the anime and VN then it gets all science-y and great. Then again I do love the FSN prologue too ep 0 and Rins chapter are amazing as is Day 1.


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How are the Zero Escape games? - I see that they are on sale on Steam for an all time lowest price at €6.67 for the trilogy.

EDIT: also how is Chaos;Child lol.
Zero Escape: 999 and Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward are really interesting visual novels with a ton of endings that are canonical in their own unique way especially with the latter. Both are highly recommended for everyone to check out. I have yet to watch Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma but I have heard it's not as good as the other two.

Chaos;Child I have yet to play but it's supposed to be pretty interesting especially if you have knowledge of Chaos;Head.

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Za Warudo
I absolutely love 999. It's one of my favourite games ever. An excellent story and some good puzzles too. I think it would have been fine without sequels TBH.

VLR is OK, but I didn't enjoy it as much as 999. It felt very pretentious and bloated. Still good, but I wouldn't call it great.

I've struggled getting into ZTD. It's ugly, the voice acting is a step below the other games and the story hasn't interested me at all yet. Hopefully that will change as I get further along.

999 is just so good though.


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The Nintendo Switch version for If My Heart Had Wings will have an improved translation and everything omitted from the previous English release returning, according to Eastasiasoft who is offering an Asian English physical release.

For those wondering the previous English release was censored and had cut content more than the usual All-Ages approach to reach a T rating.