The Out of Print Anime DVD Thread

Discussion in 'Anime Industry Discussion' started by frostythebudgie, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. NormanicGrav

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    Don't tell me they're going to terrorise the Aussie market, that'll be twice the rage from the anime community.
  2. Shiroi Hane

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    MVM are a retailer here, rather than a licensor and Season 1 is indeed listed as Deleted at the BVA:

    Season 2 is not, so may still be in print:

    Deleted doesn't necessarily mean dropped. Stuff goes out of print all the time between one release and another, although there is often enough stock circulating that this isn't obvious.
  3. cudwieser

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    Question. Of old a master was always made and copies taken from it. Coming up to date master digitals still exist, so when copies aren't being made, can it still be said that something is OOP or just not being printed. I ask as a lot of masters are being remastered for Rightstuf at the minute so what was OOP doesn't seem entirely so. There are a few truely OOP such as Blue Sonnet and other non-converted anime as well as those that have fallen fowl of licensing snaffoos, but these are seemingly rarer occurrences given the amount remastering.
  4. Shiroi Hane

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    Out Of Print simply means it is no longer being printed (for books) or pressed (for DVDs) etc.
    Anime may go OOP because a license expires, but they may stop printing one version of a title months or years before bringing out another release so it will technically be OOP, despite there still being plenty of stock in warehouses.

    PS, here's the re-issued Naruto on AoL:

    Naruto Unleashed Complete Series 1
    Naruto Unleashed Complete Series 2
  5. Lutga

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    Code Geass season 2 looks like it's going out of print soon, following what happened with season 1.

    There wasn't much fanfare over it, but Manga's Noein box set is now out of print too.

    It also looks like Elfen Lied is potentially about to go out of print soon.
  6. Jon O Fun

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    I'm slightly confused by this thread :p from the title I thought it was trying to make a comprehensive list of titles OOP (or soon to be) in the UK (which I think is a great idea). Or is it just people listing what OOP titles they own? I mean I think It goes without saying anything released by ADV, Bandai, Beez, Revolution, Funimation in the UK is long OOP.
  7. Lutga

    Lutga Mad Scientist

    I think it would be a good place for people to flag titles which have just gone/or are about to go out of print - could be handy if people have been deliberating whether to pick up a title, and then know they now only have a limited amount of time to do so before it gets pricey on the second hand market.
  8. Jon O Fun

    Jon O Fun Great Teacher

    I fully agree, there should be some kinda of listing saying when things are going OOP like I was on the face for quite a while with Code Geass when it first came out because so many other titles came out at the same time. But as soon as I found out the first batch was getting harder to get hold of I bought it. So from what others have said on here I think it may be time to get Persona 4 and stop holding out for a complete collection as it seems Kaze have all but given up on the UK.
  9. NormanicGrav

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    Hmm.. that might actually be a good idea. I know Fandom Post have one for US releases. A UK Discontinued/OOP Thread can't hurt I guess (if anyone doesn't want to put up with it I wouldn't mind).
  10. Lutga

    Lutga Mad Scientist

    Yeah, from looking at stock levels on Amazon, it seems a lot of Kaze titles are in danger of going out of stock very soon. Many have 'more on the way', ie. Persona 4.

    Some however, don't - Penguindrum volume 1 seems to be another in danger of going OOP.
  11. Shiroi Hane

    Shiroi Hane Dragon Knight

    The license for Noein has expired. I'm sure Manga confirmed it.

  12. Animefreak17

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    I have a lot of out of prints I lost count that's why I showed it.
  13. Rosencrantz

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    This is the thread for saying what is going/is oop, not for linking what you have watched that is now oop though
  14. Animefreak17

    Animefreak17 Godhand

    Yeah but I was lazy and didn't want to go though everything I had
  15. -Danielle-

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    I wish they brought Blue Sonnet out on DVD. I googled and only the VHS is bouncing around. Now I may be old school enough to have DVDs but not VHS! lol.

    I wish they would print this on DVD. Was one of my first handfuls of anime along with Bubblegum Crash & Megazone 23 :) I heart you old school sci-fi channel with the midnight - 4am anime sessions.
  16. serpantino

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    Having a master list of out of print stuff at the front might be good, especially highlighting recently out of print.
  17. Lutga

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  18. Jon O Fun

    Jon O Fun Great Teacher

    I totally miss old school Sci-fi Channel (back when they could spell) for years I tried to remember a series I'd seen on there until last year in LA I finally found the DVD of Moldiver!!! Arguably the best magical girl, super hero, mecha series ever!! ! :D and Devilman but it's really not as good as I remember lol
  19. mangaman74

    mangaman74 Akatsuki

    Ah the good old late night Sci-fi Channel anime, that sure takes me back. I remember they showed two versions of Tenchi Muyo, one early in the day and one late at night (the late night one had the bathing scenes in it for instance). As for Moldiver, I have it one dvd as well but I haven't seen it in a while.
  20. Peachy

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    Bakemonogatari Part 2 DVD has been deleted, its on MVM's facebook and proof can be seen on Amazon: ... monogatari

    Obviously this means all other parts will soon be OOP too to make way for complete collections so if you're picking up the part releases, better get em soon.