the oh god the mods messed up how do we fix it fight

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Ryo Chan

right so yes, after misa and her um.... clone tried to mess up the battles, we need to remove 1 more person from the girls side

so the battle is between the 2 with the lowest votes.

priss - Bubblegum Crisis

kekko kamen

this round will end sunday evening


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Out of curiosity, is there going to be a similar issue with the same having happened to Kogarashi, or was that one already pre-factored? :p


that, thankfully was sorted. The Guys nomination groups where all worked out fine. the girls had three tied groups, so whilst we worked those three out, we placed the decider for the guys 18th spot in with it, to get it out of the way. So thankfully, no. hah


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Priss, obviously. Now I realise Kekko Kamen is inordinately popular at the moment, but ultimately I have faith substance will win out.
I mean come on, Priss is a rock singer, biker chick and secret champion of justice with a mech suit. With an ambiguous sexuality.


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It depends on whether we're talking about Priss from BGC or Priss from BGC2040...

If it's Priss from BGC, then Priss.

If it's Priss from BGC2040, then definitly Priss. (though I still prefer Nene in both version)


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Well, I'm the one who nominated her and I meant Priss from the original BGC... but if it makes anyone more likely to vote for her then you can imagine it's the Priss from 2040 if you like. ;)

No hard feelings Rui. I like Kekko Kamen too but she's up against my character. :p


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I did warn Arby that this would end in a Priss landslide and he would be better off just silently eliminating Misa for causing the trouble in the first place. ^^;
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