The official AUKN Nintendo Wii / DS - Friend codes list

Ninja Boy!

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just as the subject title says.
in this topic users can post their Wii or DS friend codes here and interact with other users on the forums through their ds games or Wii.

i was kind of setting up my Wii online code (through the help of a neighbours wireless net connection....hehehe.....with permission of course) this morning, and realised that it'd be cool to randomly interact with peeps from the AUKN forums.

So, again..users just post their Wii Code or their Codes for each wi-fi enabled DS game here.
(users will need to PM each other to make sure that both peeps have added each other)

Ninja Boy!

Thousand Master
LOL as to what i have said on another topic...i cant believe i actually made on for this lol, i completely forgot about this.

ill update mine and put my brawl code.
Brawl code - 1977-0164-7795

Rena Ryuugu

Here are all my friend codes I will put my Wii, Mario strikers charged football and phantom hourglass up soon
Pokemon Diamond: 2535 0337 3606
Pokemon pearl: 1590 2644 3948
The legend of Zelda phantom Hourglass: 0344 9438 0035
Metroid prime hunters: 5326 4965 1343
Animal crossing wild world: 0473 1834 6705


Sounds like a cool idea since only 1 of my Friends has a Wii but doesn't have Wifi games.

Wii Address

Mario Kart Wii

Super Smash Bros Brawl

Just make sure you PM me and give me you're code.


Stand User
Final Fantasy 3

I need your code if you want to message me, so send it via the animeuknews message system. You're supposed to be able to unlock the onion-knight or something.