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Straw Hat Pirate
I remember reading this light novel. If you're into a savage MC like Leon here, this may be quite the treat. Best way to summarise, mob character with knowledge of this Otome game turns the world upside down as well as handling out fat L's to the main players.


Adventuring Alchemist
AUKN Staff
I quite enjoy reading Mobs as well, but I can't say I like the visual style of the anime in that first trailer. What is going on with everyone's eyes? 😅


Straw Hat Pirate
If the whole story is 'this looks like ecchi isekai trash and I'm 100% going to watch it' then you are correct.
Surprisingly enough there isn't much ecchi in this one. Well at least I don't remember there was (besides a scene or two).

Main aspect of the show, is Leon (MC) outwitting those who reside in this Otome world. Even the romance though hinted doesn't kick off til much later (cause the whole student body hate his guts 😏).

Though the Anime adaption could completely change the source storytelling structure making everything I just said possibly pointless 🤡

Ehh... I'll give it a watch out of curiosity.