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Yes, I was thinking The Animatrix too while I read that.

I can take or leave The Matrix but I enjoy The Animatrix. Likewise, I have no particular interest in Batman, but I enjoyed (and need to rewatch sometime) Batman Ninja. (I can't deny that it helps knowing that the latter is written by Kazuki Nakashima of Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill fame. 😋)

The list of studio names in that trailer is highly impressive — Trigger, Production I.G, Science Saru...

I'm not even a massive Star Wars fan or anything and yet I'm interested in this. Exciting indeed.

I remember liking the first Matrix, never saw the sequels tho :)


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This is something I’m hoping Disney do more of - imagine Pixar, Marvel or Indiana Jones getting this treatment? Awesome things that’s for sure!

and the one thing about this Star Wars project is it’s being completed by anime creators, rather than “anime style” that we have seen before.

excited to say the least 😄


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VINLAND SAGA Season 2 has been confirmed.


The director of Season 1 did move to MAPPA, but from my understanding the second arc is basically a farming simulator so I'm not expecting action in this case. There was a rumour a while back that it could be animated by the new studio that was working on the Magus Bride OVAs.

UPDATE: Twin Engine is hosting a 2nd Anniversary event at 1pm BST, so there's probably more info to appear then:



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Let’s hope it’s not MAPPA then, after this week I will support them if I must so YOI and no more. (sorry Okada I won’t be watching your film)

Fwiw it sounds like the Okada film is largely made up of staff from her previous projects, so it'll be fairly well segregated off from MAPPA for the most part.


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Among all the ridiculous things MAPPA is doing I'm still loving how they're promoting Sarazanmai as if it's one of their shows. Assistance on one episode doesn't make you the main studio.


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(4 days worth of PVs crammed into the these posts)
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The bloodline contin... Leon & Claire are back in action and kicking butt once again 👍 LET'S GO!!!


2021 | 15 | 1 Season | US TV Programmes
Years after the horrors of Raccoon City, Leon and Claire find themselves consumed by a dark conspiracy when a viral attack ravages the White House.
Starring:Nick Apostolides,Stephanie Panisello,Ray Chase

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