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New visual and teaser for Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045:

Oof, not sure about that. Environment looks good, but the Major looks a bit like a slightly less cartoony version of a Boarderlands character.

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I don't mind 3D anime until it starts looking like Pixar crap, and Motoko's character in this trailer is getting pretty close. I'll still watch it, but I'd rather it looked more like Appleseed Alpha or Harlock, with high detail in the characters - the backgrounds look very decent in this trailer, but the Major's character looks like she's made of plastic; she has almost a Toy Story appearance.
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I've watched the clip a few times now and whilst it shocked me the first time I'm actually coming round to it. The character design kinda reminds me of clone wars which I love so I guess I have more tolerance for this type of animation.

Would i prefer it stuck to original style SAC? Yes very much so. But do I hate this? No i dont. And until I get to see a proper action scene I'm not gona judge too much. I am a sucker for anything GITS though.

I think this scenery shot is actually pretty amazing


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her character looks like she's made of plastic
the Major just looks awful and made of plastic
I may not make myself any friends for this opinion (do I have any in the first place) but personally, I think that's less down to the CGI and more down to the character designer. I know a lot of people love him, but I've never been a huge fan of Kuvshinov. His work is technically brilliant but for my money he does have a tendency to make everything look too soft and smooth and yeah, in terms of digital colouring, rather like it's made out of plastic.

I also have to stand up for 3D a bit though, because I mean otherwise I'm not gonna have a job. Regardless of what people think of the aesthetic, lot of time and effort does still go into 3D animation (probably more than goes into a lot of the cheaper 2D anime) and like anything, it's going to be as good or not as the money you throw at it. Really, we've seen very little there. Certainly not enough to judge the animation quality of the show. And we have Kamiyama and Aramaki on this, so I'm certainly not ready to write it off just yet.

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It doesn’t look anywhere near Pixar, Pixar can maintain an illusion that world looks fake so fake.

I updated my post to clarify - I meant the Major's character is getting close to Pixar, not the entire video. To me her character does not seem to fit in very well with the rest of the environment. The Backgrounds look good, I only have an issue with the character design. But like I said, I'll still watch it - like WMD, I'm really big on GitS...

Ghost in the Shell "33" Collection


I do think I need to see a trailer with a more populated world but I know some of the crap the directors done since Gits does also reduce my hype.
And I know you can’t write 3D off I am enjoying Beastars but that world feels real and by that trailer Gits’ doesn’t yet at least.
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Professor Irony

I’ve got time for Ilya, generally (he did a nice bit of GitS fanart based on the original movie designs a few years back), but his work has tended towards that softer, rounder look lately, and I don’t think it’s a great fit for GitS. I’ll still watch the show anyway; it’d take a lot to make me not want to watch more GitS.


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Why do Netflix go down this 3D route? Is it cheaper or do they think it appeals to western audiences or something?
Hard pass for me.
If they want to do 3D elements then they should look at what Studio WIT is doing with Vinland Saga. Blending in these elements with traditional animation to great end result.


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Why do Netflix go down this 3D route? Is it cheaper or do they think it appeals to western audiences or something?
I’m not so sure people should be so quick to pin the use of 3D animation on Netflix - They’ve been willing to fund plenty of 2D anime, and I.G has been using 3D elements in GitS:SAC from the beginning (remember 1st GIG’s intro?) so it may be that they felt it was a logical next step.