The Manga Q & A Thread (for questions that do not need a thread)

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So I think this needs to be a thread. We have one for Anime so why not Manga :)


How come some Manga series get really slow releases.

Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles is a great example, in 3 years its only released Volumes 1-3 (out of 10)., While other companies usually release 2~3 volumes a year until they are up to date with the JP release

I can't imagine such a long wait between releases will help sales


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According to article's online it is apparently being translated by an actual Japanese chef and so perhaps that's the reason for the slow process. To be honest that kinda sounds more like a gimmick than anything, but it may explain why they are only releasing only volume per year.


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manga releases are pretty weird, Viz can release chapters day and date but that volume that came out last week in Japan won't be released here for another 12 months, i'd assume it probably comes down to there being manga specialist printers over there but here it's all done under 1 printer

i do know that Kodansha released AoT v34 only a couple months after Japan tho so it could be down to licensing or companies too


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Some titles seem to go on the slower schedules for the publishers, like Kaze Hikaru which has been in publication for 15 years in the US and is down to one volume per year. It finished this year in Japan but if Viz doesn't speed things up it will be another 15 years until the English release is done because it's going slower than the original Japanese publication schedule. I can't imagine it sells very well and it feels unlikely that it will actually be finished but I keep buying it every year anyway. More gimmicky titles with anime tie-ins tend to get much quicker release schedules to capitalise on their popularity and compete with illegal releases, which can be stressful in a completely different way trying to keep up.