The Japanese media system


Za Warudo
Yo, basically a university I applied to has asked me to support my application with an essay on the 'Japanese media system'. Its not exactly my first choice uni, but I still want to give it a bash.

I don't know much about the Japanese media system and am currently commencing research on it. So I thought I would tap you lot for info if anyone has any. Links to useful websites, titbits of information or thorough evaluations, are all appreciated!



Za Warudo
Because I applied for a Japanese course. I can't actually remember off the top of my head if this one was for the Japanese BA or Japanese studies, I'd have to check my ucas application, but considering the question I'd reckon it's for the Japanese studies course.


State Alchemist
Interesting. I have nothing to add, because I don't want to be even partially responsible for you not getting the place. ^^; If you come back with some basic outline of where you want the essay to go, I will think more.


It's likely they're looking for a good use of English Language here, as opposed to in-depth knowledge of Japanese Media Systems. You rarely need prior knowledge for a degree that is so scarcely taught beneath degree level. I'd just worry more about using a diverse vocabulary, and structuring the essay well.

Best of luck!

[I could be wrong, though; so please don't take my word as gospel!]

Genkina Hito

AUKN Staff
Japanese media system... Whoa. Sounds big. I could try sourcing information for you but like Ilmaestro said, a basic outline would help.


Za Warudo
Thanks alot chaps, but I think should be OK with this one. Although I am currently completely bogged down with work, but hey it's better to be busy, right?


Za Warudo
Just googled Japanese media system in google and a link to this thread was at the top of the second page!

1.) Is there really so little written about the Japanese media system on the web?

2.) I feel exposed....