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Couldn't help myself. Watched the trailer. Looks good. Didn't think the spoilers were that bad. Terminator Salvation was a big spoiler. Incase anyone hasn't seen the film.We wasn't meant to know Marcus was part machine, part human until the reveal part way into the film, except the trailer and posters had shown him with metal showing
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IncendiaryLemon said:
Get myself another Job today. Only a temporary position until the end of January but it's better than nothing. Will be happy to have an income again, I can start buying more anime :p
A bit late, but congrats on the new job. Having something more recent on your CV might help you get your next job.


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NormanicGrav said:
Here's something rather entertaining.

Someone asked Donald Trump that if he can get 100,000 retweets then Trump will stop running for President. Donald Trump accepts the challenge, claiming it will never happen.

Well guess what.
On one hand, obviously fake. On the other hand, not sure if that matters in terms of what it says about society these days.


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Does any reasonable person actually want Trump to drop out? All he's going to do is split the right wing vote and let the centrist Democrat candidate in (since he's apparently not giving up even if he doesn't get the Republican ticket), which is probably the best we can hope for from the US these days. Most hilarious of all is the way the Republican party is merrily burning like the White House in 1812 and it's all a result of petrol they themselves have been sloshing about for the past decade.

I think the only thing the GOP can actually do to stop a Hillary victory at this point is to send Trump the way of JFK.


Za Warudo
Bloody international shipping. My RIghtstuf sale order has been with UK customs since the 10th with no update, and now two items shipped via Ebay Global Shipping programme have gone walk about, been in the UK since the 9th, and no update on tracking since then

To say i'm annoyed is an understatement :mad: I want these by the end of the week.

As an aside, teh Toradora set I posted a few days back was actually posted out after all these but via standard USPS post and delivered to me via Royal Mail! Ebays shipping programme is pathetic, they're using the cheapest couriers they can, and the service sucks, i've never even heard of 13-ten or WNDirect! Apparently, if i'm luck, Yodel or Hermes might get involved too! Amazing!


Za Warudo
My Blue Exorcist sets were posted out on the 9th by the same seller who shipped me Toradora, I would put money on that arriving before the rest of this stuff.

st_owly (witch)

I've always refused to use eBay's global shipping programme as a seller, as I just don't trust it. It's not that hard to go to the post office and say "Can I post this to country x please?"


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I wouldn't trust Ebay's global shipping programme at all due to the trouble i had with them over the summer. I ordered 3 items from the USA, 2 from one seller and 1 from another, all to be sent separately to avoid customs.

Well the first one i ordered was actually Sankarea LE set that a few people on here bought as well, once the tracking shows it's in the UK at the sorting place, it said it would out for delivery never showed up on that day gave it another week to see if it would arrive, still nothing. Ended up having to contact the company in charge of ebay's GSP, Pitney Bowes and found out the parcel had gone "missing" so i managed to get a refund for the item and the postage paid, god knows how it could go missing when it's meant to be out for delivery, i'm guessing it was just stolen.

The other two were nightmare as well, it showed them both as being delivered to my house even though i was in the day they were out for delivery and nothing was delivered or a card left. Yet again i had to contact Pitney Bowes, turns out they delivered the parcels to the wrong address. A week later I finally got my items, not in the best shape and the parcels had been opened which was abit annoying.

So after my nightmare with ebay's GSP i'm never going to use them ever again and wouldn't recommend them to anyone. If i want something from the USA through ebay i'd rather pay for the normal post they use.


Za Warudo
So my parcel has been handled by WNdigital, then 13ten and now it's in the "safe" hands of Yodel, who don't expect to deliver it until Friday, this is pathetic. Next time I buy off ebay, i'll be asking the seller if they can send it via USPS instead.


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I noticed that Asendia finally decided to track my first Rightstuf package after dispatching last Wednesday. Unfortunately it turns out that for the past week nothing happened at all. So I contacted Darklord (aka Shawne Kleckner, the Rightstuf guy) to see what's up and he was able to figure out the situation. Pretty much it's a busy month and Asendia have certain days dedicated to dispatching things, my parcel has left Chicago and will hit the UK soon enough. He also told me that my second Rightstuf package should dispatch later today.

In addition he gave me a free Got Anime membership to make up for what happened (I wasn't expecting it, but it certainly will help out with future orders). Now that's why everyone loves Rightstuf, they care for their customers.


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I don't know if it's still the case now but iirc when they first established their GSP it was actually activated by default in the sellers' options and most of them had no idea. They'd only realise it through international customers complaints.


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Back when I returned from Uni (late May) I realised I put on too much weight, heck I've been like this for the past decade and a half. I said enough was enough and decided to spend every weekday on the cross-trainer because it's the only machine in the house that'll help and I don't want to go to the gym (too far away in my area anyway, plus I don't want to spend stuff). I was around 14 st 5 lb when I started. At first it was tough as expected, and I started slow with a couple kms until a few weeks later when I was able to manage 10km each weekday for numerous weeks.

Fast forward to 28 weeks later (December) I'm now 12 st 13 lb. This is the first time in a couple years that I've managed to hit that point. Also put on some muscle on the arms, didn't realise until around October time.

Line graph of progress.
I'm currently taking the next two weeks off due to Xmas Holidays, but I can't wait to see my friends reaction when they realise the difference.