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Toying with heading out to Japan again at somepoint, heading to the Osaka area (when I did a little tour of Japan back in 2015 time, it didn't spend much time in Osaka). Although it might end up being next year depending when Japan reopens its borders for tourism from the UK

Any recommendations for good travel agencies, ideally to book both flights & hotel together


Dragon Knight
I wasn't interested in flying as a panty in the street, but in between buildings is another matter!

Gotta admire the game for trying to cover all bases :) 👍

So you are admitting that you played a game similar to this already? Hmmm...

And what kind of game did they create to appeal to girls, then - flying battle jock straps?? 🤔

It says it's similar to the Berserk game in other words it's literally just recommending because they're both anime-related 🤣

Probably the same, but a mix of boxers and briefs, with large protrusions at the front 😜

Tbf to the game those are cute panties I would wear them if they were real and offered in my size with a higher waist (yes I am a Simon Cowell type in that regard, I always buy stuff that sits at my belly button rather than lower cut things) :)


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Lol. I'm only vaguely aware of Gigguk and no idea who the other 2 are!
All AniTubers, well Connor (CDawgVA) used anime in his content, but didn't review it like the other 2, but now he's more of a gaming/jvlog YouTuber and Joey (TheAn1meMan) talks more about manga than anime and does jvloging on his second channel. Garnt (Gigguk) is the only one that still does what he's always done on his main channel.
Together on their podcast, Trash Taste, they rarely actually talk about anime, hence my joke.


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I find their trash taste channel moderately entertaining but yes it's not really focused on anime only content, they talk about a wide range of topics.