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    I can't recover the OP, so this one won't look as fancy (I may go back and change this later) but I still think we'll need a topic for E3 seeing as it starts in a couple of days.


    I'll also still going to try and update the post below with news from the big conferences!
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    E3 2016 News:


    Games featured in this conference included:
    • Titanfall 2-Sequel to the Xbox One exclusive that is now on PS4 too and boats a single player campaign as well as multiplayer and releases on October 28th 2016
    • Fifa 17-Features a new story mode, not dissimilar to NBA's offering last year, only without the Spike Lee.
    • Mass Effect Andromeda-Continues to still be incredibly ambiguous, with barely a hint of gameplay.
    • Fe-An indie game out of Gothenberg, Sweden that looks to be quite the interesting and unique experience.
    • Several Star Wars Projects were discussed in minimal detail. The highlight was the tiny snippet of the Amy Hennig penned game coming out of Visceral Studios, developers of Dead Space.
    • Battlefield 1-Saw its gameplay reveal which showed off its signature destruction as well as new vehicles such as Zeppelins and Horses.


    Wolfenstein: New Colossus referenced during the intro.

    Quake: Champions announced exclusively for PC. Hero based multiplayer arena shooter.

    The Elder Scrolls: Legends announced for PC. Card-based game similar to Hearthstone.

    Fallout 4 DLC announced:
    • Contraptions - Next week
    • Vault-Tec - July 2016
    • Nuka-World - August 2016
    DOOM 4 DLC announced:
    • Map editor with new additions, free for everyone.
    • More game modes, free for everyone.
    • Unto the Evil Multiplayer paid DLC announced.
    Prey announced, a reboot of the classic 2K title. Originally a sequel but it was canned for a reboot. Arkane Studios (Dishonored 2) will be handling the development.

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC. A remaster with better visuals and all DLC plus mod support on consoles.

    The Elder Scrolls Online includes support for Japanese players and the Dark Brotherhood addition to the gameplay.

    Besthesda going into VR (HTC Vive) with Fallout 4 for 2017. DOOM 4 also referenced.

    Dishonored 2 gameplay was shown off. Set around 15 years after the first. A choice between 2 characters to play, both are fully-voiced and unscripted simulated missions. Set for PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 11th 2016.[/quote]


    Two new consoles announced:
    • Xbox One S - From $299-$399. $399 offers 2TB HDD. 40% smaller with 4K Blu-ray access and HDR. Available this August.
    • Project Scorpio - The new 4K Gaming & HDVR console to match the PS4 Neo. Holiday 2017.

    Xbox Play Anywhere - a new deal that allows owners who buy a game from either Windows 10 or Xbox One can own a version from the other digitally. Games included in the deal:
    • Ark: Survival Evolved
    • Crackdown 3 - 2017
    • Dead Rising 4
    • Forza Horizon 3 - September 27th 2016, 4 player campaign co-op with Australian setting
    • Gears of War 4
    • Halo Wars 2 - February 21st 2017, Beta now available this week
    • Killer Instinct Season 3 - Includes General RAMM (Gears of War) as special character inclusion
    • ReCore - September 13th 2016
    • Scalebound - 2017, co-op now included
    • Sea of Thieves
    • State of Decay 2

    New Xbox Live features were announced due for the Summer:
    • Background Music
    • Prefered Language usage
    • Cortana
    • Clubs on Xbox Live
    • Looking for Groups
    • Arena on Xbox Live, a tournament platform

    Minecraft talk:
    • The Friendly Update
    • Realms
    • Cross-platform across Xbox devices (Xbox One, Windows 10, Microsoft Surface, iOS & Android)
    • Texture packs available for Pocket & Windows 10.
    • Add-ons coming this fall.

    Other games announced/shown off:
    • Inside - From Limbo developers Playdead.
    • Final Fantasy XV - Gameplay on the Xbox One version.
    • Gwent: A Witcher Card Game - From CD Projekt Red, card game by popular demand from Witcher III.
    • Tekken 7 - For Xbox One, originally confirmed for PS4 only for a while. Early 2017 for all platforms.
    • We Happy Few - From Compulsion Games, weird drug-like game due June 2016.


    Games included in the conference:
    • Just Dance 2017 - PS4 & Xbox One in October followed by Nintendo NX in 2017
    • Ghost Recon: Wildlands - PS4, Xbox One & PC in March 7, 2017
    • South Park: The Fractured But Whole - PS4, Xbox One & PC in December 6, 2016 with a digital copy of South Park: The Stick of Truth
    • The Division - Expansions; Underground (June 28th) & Survival (TBA date)
    • Eagle Flight VR - All three VR platforms
    • Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR
    • For Honor - Single-player campaign included, PS4, Xbox One & PC in February 14, 2017
    • Grow Up - Sequel to Grow Home
    • Trials of the Blood Dragon - New instalment to Trials, out now for PS4, Xbox One & PC
    • Watch_Dogs 2 - PS4, Xbox One & PC in November 15, 2016. Timed exclusive DLC with PlayStation
    • Bone Crushing Simulator (Steep) - PS4, Xbox One & PC in December 2016


    Playstation VR will launch on the 13th of October 2016 in America at a price point of $399 and will have 50 games from launch until the end of
    the year.

    Games included in the conference:
    Crash Bandicoot 1-3 remastered - Remastered from the ground up for PS4.

    God of War - Looks like it's going for a norse style reboot. Still in development for Playstation 4
    Days Gone - In development for PS4
    The Last Guardian - Playstation 4 exclusive 25th October 2016
    Horizon Zero Dawn - Playstation 4 exclusive 28th February 2017
    Detroit: Become Human - New game shown last year by Quantic Dream
    Resident Evil VII - 24th January 2017 will be fully playable from start to finish through Playstation VR, will be multi-platform(Xbox One, Playstation 4 & VR, Steam & Windows 10)
    Far point - Playstation VR title
    Batman Arkham VR - Playstation VR title
    Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission - Will update with a clean trailer when it goes live
    Final Fantasy XV - Also works with PSVR where you get to play as Prompto
    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare + Modern Warfare Remastered - Launching 4th of November 2016. (will upload official link to trailer when it hits) multi- platform release. Modern Warfare sold together with Infinite Warfare
    Crash Bandicoot Skylanders Imaginators reveal - Crash pack will be Playstation 4 exclusive
    LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens - 28th june 2016 multiplatform
    Death Stranding - The new game from Kojima Productions with Norman Reedus for Playstation 4
    Spiderman - Insomniac Games working on this with Marvel, Playstation 4 exclusive

    All credit to these recaps go to Arbalest (Sony) and NormanicGrav (Bethesda, Microsoft & Ubisoft)! Apart from the EA one, that was me.
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    The Omega Force teaser is now bleeding from the Omega sign.

    I still think it's Berserk.

  4. IncendiaryLemon

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    A Berserk game would be amazing.
  5. NormanicGrav

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    Indeed, well there's already been 2 out there (Sword of the Berserk: Gut's Rage [Berserk Millennium Falcon Arc: Chapter of the Lost Flowers] for Dreamcast, and Berserk Millennium Falcon arc: Chapter of the Holy Demon War for PlayStation 2). The Dreamcast version got localised though (with the same English dub cast from the 1997 anime).

    *also I upgraded this thread to a Sticky, makes it easier to search in case more threads get made*
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    I totally forgot about those. Wouldn't care, I even watched Matt and Liam of the Two Best Friends Play Youtube channel playthrough it. If I recall, it didn't look too amazing. I think a Musou would be a pretty good fit for Berserk. Well, I can't comment on the story past The Golden Age as I haven't read the manga, but that arc had a lot of big battles.

    Also, thanks for the sticky :)
  7. Arbalest

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    I think it's highly likely to be berserk honestly. I'm pretty sure there has been a few hints towards it, so yeah let's hope so! Also if there was ever a game that would work as a musou game, it's Berserk.
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    In fact it would be perfect timing to announce a Berserk game given the manga returning from hiatus as a monthly series and the new anime adaptation on July 1st. If it doesn't turn out to be Berserk I'm still interested in seeing what sort of evil will turn up on the Musou-verse.
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    A Berserk Musou game could be amazing!! That'd be my pick.

    Throwing out other ideas, it could be a Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress game which sort of would fit as well.

    I hope it's another Anime themed Musou game at least.
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    I'd be up for a Berserk musou for sure, I do love my musou games (damn, One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 was one of my favourite games last year, and I don't even like One Piece), so I imagine one set in a world I actually like would be even better. That said I do wonder how they would go about it, like would they actually follow the story? I'd be interested to see the reaction the gaming community now days would have to certain things.....

    Now, where the hell is my Bleach musou? That's probably already a thing and it's probably awful lol Once they're done with this they should get the cast of J Stars Victory VS and make one with that instead of the trash that actually got made.....
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    So excited for E3 ^_^ Mostly excited for EA and Microsoft (because Mass Effect is one of my aspie obsessions and I am hyped for Forza Horizon 3) but I will be watching Bethesda, Ubi and Sony too. Love this time of year!
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    My E3 hype died as soon as I found out NX would not be there, nintendo really let me down with that.

    I have Tuesday off work though. I'll be getting up at 7am and watching the SOny stream, delayed and spoiler free. Hoping for some good stuff in that.
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    Rumour: Crash Bandicoot is coming back!


    in Skylanders.

  14. IncendiaryLemon

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    This is the Conker of 2016.
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    Obligatory Jontron reaction:

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    What if this is what had to be done to get a full Crash Bandicoot game?

    Just putting him in Skylanders is a weird choice, given how all of the people I know that play Skylanders are far too young to know who or what Crash Bandicoot is. So I'm guessing there's a plan to relaunch him as an entire franchise and Skylanders is just a small part of that. It's a good way of introducing younger children who may not know about Crash Bandicoot to the franchise, even if it does piss off the franchise's older fans for a while.
  17. Peachy

    Peachy Bumpkin AUKN Staff

    Maybe it's a way to get kids into the Crash character & then they'll unveil a brand new full length game..

  18. Buzzkillington

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    I'm hoping for some news about the first bit of Dark Souls 3 DLC. I'll be up watching the livestreams each day if anyone is gonna be kicking about the forum at those hours.
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    So let's recap what other E3 2016 games were announced as of late.

    New games:
    - Destiny Expansion: Rise of Iron [PS4, XO]
    - Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [PS4]
    - Injustice 2 [PS4, XO]
    - Watch Dogs 2 [PS4, XO]
    - XCOM 2 [PS4, XO] *already on PC*

    Localisation confirmed:
    - Akiba's Beat [PS4, Vita]
    - Fate/Extella [PS4, Vita]
    - Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns [3DS]
    - Summon Night 6 [PS4, Vita]

    Dates confirmed:
    - Horizon: Zero Dawn [PS4] - February 28th 2017
    - Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue [PS4] - December 2016
    - Persona 5 [PS4] - February 14th 2017 (US)
    - World of Final Fantasy [PS4, Vita] - October 28th 2016
    - Yooka Laylee [PS4, XO, Wii U, PC] - Q1 2017
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    EA done fucked up already. During a test rehearsal they unveiled the Titanfall 2 trailer and release live live on their YouTube channel. The stream is offline but someone mirrored it.

    The stream was currently on standby for the proper conference later tonight but EA accidently unveiled the trailer and release date for Titanfall 2 early.
    Full single-player campaign playable offline.
    October 28th 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and Origin via PC.