~The avatar thread~

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Death Scythe
:O this thread is new to me i think o_O

I would change my avatar, but i had hours of pain trying to get my current one on, and i'm not going to dare to take it off again, besides i'm a total n00b with anything other than Paint lol so i can't make 1 anyway :p

I don't know if this is a general promlem with the avatar section of the profile page, but when i try to change it, it always says your favourite movie is too long, or various other little things that generally ahve nothign to do with the avatar at all :/


Pokémon Master
I have a new avatar thanks to our resident avatar guru Necromancer, thank you :) .
My new avatar is of Dio from Last Exile in acknowledgment of coming to the end of such a good series


Stand User
though it was about time for me to get a new avater so here it is. its only a temp one for now tho so expect a new one soon :)


School Idol
I was going to wait until next month, but due to my new found love of Maria-sama Ga Miteru I changed mine to Sei (Rosa Gigantea) trapped in her field of thorns.

She's not my favourite character, but her backstory is so wildly similar to mine she's very relatable, not to mention my newest cosplay project :D

Apple Bun

Thousand Master
Changed mine again to this AWSOME Rukia one, tis my fave pick of her ^_^ Anouther creation of our very own Necro ^_^ (THANKEES! UR THE BEST!!)
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