The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...


Baka Ranger
Holycrap, I went the works today and spotted that! I thought it was Superman at first glance and then shrugged it off thinking it was nothing. >__<


Vampire Ninja
Got Patlabor 2: The Movie - Limited Collector's Edition yesterday and watched it tonight. Still remains one of my favourite animès (whether it be a TV series, OVA or film) and films of all time. :)

Mr B

Student Council President
The Gunbuster 3-disc boxset just arrived and it looks v. nice :)

Only had time for a quick viewing, but the picture quality is good with only a few small artifacts visible from the remastering *, though the audio seams a touch on the tinny/thin side, but clean.

Episodes 1 - 5 are 4:3 ratio no. 6 is in wide screen, the audio is stereo only. The Dolby mix is only available for the extras.

Also got New Dominion Tank Police and Detonator Orgun.

* Noticable on a 64" screen if your looking for it :roll:

Ninja Boy!

Thousand Master
went to Orbital Comic's New manga store (near their existing store in totenham court road)
and i must say..the store is very cool.
and today i have never spent so much on manga in one haul!
i spent £56 on the following
Hunter X Hunter - vol 11
Naruto - vols 8, 9, 10, 11
Beck - vol 5
Samurai Deeper Kyo - vols 16, 17, 18
Reborn! - vol 1 (wanted to try out a new series)


Mr B

Student Council President
Yesterday saw me unwrap:

Ah! My Goddess: TV series vol.1 :yeah, way better than the OAV's:
Tenchi Muyo: Ryo Ohki OAV box set
Tenchi the Movie: Tenchi Forever
The Place Promised in Our Early Days :eek:utstandingly beautiful piece of Anime:

Just pre-ordered:

She, the ultimate weapon box set


School Idol
Just the other day I got
vol 12+14 of battle royal from forbidden planet

blood the last vampire and appleseed from hmv
Gunslinger girls from the internet

arrgh I spent to much!!

Ninja Boy!

Thousand Master
i too just bought an item of ebay.
i got My-hime Vol4 region 1 dvd brand new and sealed for a mere £7.60 (incl. p&p)

a bargain in my opinion.
now all i have to do is wait.


I got the Gunbuster box set and Avenger the complete collection in the post today.

I’ve just ordered Avenger the complete collection in ltd collector’s tin, which is what was meant to have arrived this morning rather than the plastic case one that appeared.

Always be weary of Amazon marketplace sellers and their descriptions. I should’ve used UP1 in the first place.