The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

Professor Irony said:
fabricatedlunatic said:
Familiar of Zero season 1
Tsundere + J.C. Staff... what could possibly go wrong? ^_^;
Ye gods man, get out of there now.
Heh. The show got a fairly positive review from ANN's harshest critic, and I was looking for something light-hearted, so I can't go too wrong.

Or can I? D:

Professor Irony

Eh. It's not the worst show ever, but the problem I have with it is that it introduces a number of interesting ideas into the plot and then repeatedly dangles them in your face without ever developing them in the slightest.

It's a bit darker, but if you feel the need for a tsundere fighting show, I thought Shana was a far better option. It at least has memorable villains...
I've watched Shana and, well, I wish I hadn't. It carries a bit too much shounen action show baggage (random powerups, infodumps during battles, too much annoying terminology and arbitrary "rules") for my liking. And I hate all the characters aside from the lush with big hooters.

The impression I get from Familar of Zero is that it's a more lighthearted affair along the lines of Rune Soldier (if not as good). At least I hope that's the case...


So, for the first time in a long time, i've been able to splash out a little on manga, so i bought:

Pluto Vol 1 - Tezuka wrote this, as such, i had to pick it up.
One Piece Vol 20
Bakuman Vol 1
Black Lagoon Vol 3 - Will be able to read Volume 4 now once i've done away with this one.


Dandy Guy, in Space

He is my Master vol 1 - 5
Maria-holic ol 1 - 4
NGE Vol 1 - 7
Plastic Little (Comics 1-5)
Plus some more comics :D


Jewel BEM Hunter Lime
Geobreeders 1
Space Pirate Mito Vol 1 - 4
Lady Death
Sakura Taisen Ecole De Paris
Sakura Taisen Sumire
Trouble Chocolate Vol 1 - 5
Buso Renkin Boxset
Spiral Vol 1 - 6
Wild Arms Vol 1 - 5
The Third Girl With The Blue Eyes Boxset
3x3 eyes

Probably missed a few :p


Magical Girl
One Piece:Season 3 part 1
One Piece:Season 3 part 2
Well i dedicated the last 2 months collecting the one piece sets and i,m finally up to date at last. :D