The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...


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Unit 0 said:
(Was gonna order Tsukime vol1 with Art box but Play still aren't showing it yet)
This is also the only thing ive not oreded yet too still waiting on play but i bet this serie gets pushed back a week or two anyway.


Looks like some money is been held in my bank account. Hope its for R.O.D the TV vol 7!!

edit- OK its not the right amount for that, i think. Hmm


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My copy of Salaryman Kintaro turned up today(and yes its the right DVD this time)
Will be watching this as soon as i get back from work.


I bought the December 2004 Issue of Shonen Jump whilst I was over in America earlier this year. It only cost $5, which is about £2.60.. :shock:

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Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Collection arrived today!!! Seen first two eps. Not looking all that great but for £12.87 who cares :D


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Today I had to REbuy Perfect Blue, because some ******** (who will remain nameless; you know who you are) put a dirty great f**king gouge in it.

As you can imagine I was not best pleased


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Wolf's Rain vol 2 and Cyber City arrived today- unfortunately they were sent to my home address so I'll now have to have them sent on to uni. I'm also waiting for a plushy grunty keychain to arrive, and I just ordered the last 3 volumes of Fruits Basket from the sale (having only rented them before).


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Today i bought:

Laputa: Castle in the Sky

Mars volume 6 (i shant be reading it yet though as i don't have volume 5 yet, i'm still waiting for United Publications to get it re-stocked....United Publications didn't have any of the volumes of manga i wanted in stock actually)
Model volume 2
Pita Ten volume 2


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The aforementioned plush grunty keychain arrived today, plus I got some more manga- volumes 2 and 3 of .hack//Legend of the Twilight. Hopefully on Monday I can order Tenjho Tenge volume 1 and get GITS:SAC vol 2 from the sale.


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Gunslinger Girl, I've had it since mid-week but only watched it today (and pretty good it was too :) ). I'm currently waiting on Texhnloyze vol.1 and Tenjho Tenge.


Red XIII said:
The aforementioned plush grunty keychain arrived today, plus I got some more manga- volumes 2 and 3 of .hack//Legend of the Twilight.

I prefer the DVD's ending to Legend of the Twilight. Much more action packed...

I have Volumes 6+7 of Battle Vixens on order... have to just wait until UP1 sends them to me :?
Oh well, as long as I get them :D

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the last thing i bought was probably,

A.I. Love you vols 3&4 - Manga

Love Hina Vol 5 - Anime
NGE PLAT - Anime

and after exams im gona get Tenjou Tenge+Artbox

and 3 Yu Yu Hakusho box sets...


Let me see...

Bought WHR vol 1 from HMV today. (yay!)
play shipped my first sale order (with X/1999 as the only anime title in the order)
and shipped Oh Greats Naked Star (JP manga). I hate them for not letting me cancel, will cost me £4 more than yesasia. Oh well, will get here quicker.


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i got my 1st vols of witch hunter robin and sc-ry-ed and mobile suit gundam movie one.
so all bezzs stuff that came out.
Latest Order
Witch Hunter Robin 1
Haibane Renmei 2
Texhnolyse 1
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 4
Gundam SEED 1

Great pair of weeks, this one and the next.