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CitizenGeek said:
Trigunette said:
Yeah it took me awhile to rummage around for some of them. Actually in my impatience I found myself owning double copies of Buddha volumes 2 3 and 4 of Vertical's paperback editions :roll: I'll have to flog them off at some point.

I just might be interested in those spare copies you have :p

I live abroad right now, so the postage is bit of a b**** But, if you can't find them from anywhere else, I'd be happy to ship them to you at a fair price just so that the books get a good home :D

CitizenGeek said:
You're so great for filling me in on Tezuka US releases; were it not for you, I wouldn't even know that Black Jack was coming out soon! And now, you give me the great news about Astro Boy from Dark Horse! :] Thanks! Have you read Metropolis, it's on for €10 right now and I'm considering it ...

Flattery will get you anywhere :wink: Actually I got Metrolpolis fairly recently and I think the depository price was lower than play so to be on the safe side > comparey de pricey .Continuing on Osamu Tezuka I was also thinking of Nextworld, but maybe I should hold my horses or I'll be penniless and caved under (sure to survive on a diet of lovely manga and dried fruit lol)
Haven't read Metropolis yet as I'm about to start going through a massive back log starting with Samurai Deeper Kyo 28 and Yurara 5.

Today shopping: Flowers & Bees vol 3, Sexy Voice And Robo, Demon Flowers 2 and 3.


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CitizenGeek said:
Trigunette said:
Loved that :D The second volume will be out in about a month.

I'm really looking forward to it, actually :] I want to collect all of Buddha and Phoenix too, which means I'll have my work out for me; both series are becoming harder and harder to track down :/

Uhm, I saw all the volumes of Buddha in Water Stones at the weekend. I think it was volumes 1-4. Can't remember how much they were, try checking the water stones site.

Mr B

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Manga: last couple of days -

Bleach vol. 23
Death note vol. 5
Escaflowne vol. 5, 7 & 8
Negima! vol. 18

Anime GK's:

Trunks - DBZ
SD S Equip hunter - cute
SD Deunan Knute and Briareos


Welcome to the NHM volume 1 (manga)...been reading about this for ages in AI and stuff, and randomly saw it in Waterstones. So I got it.


Dandy Guy, in Space
Thought it was high time to check out BECK volume 1, also got 1-3 Legal Drug, King Of Thorn 4, Walking Butterfly 3, and Yakuza In Love 2.


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I also got my Haruhi LE in the post today ^__^ It's so awesome! :]

Also got Dororo vol. 1 and I am mighty impressed with the cover! Vertical do such a great job with Tezuka's stuff!