The Anime Limited Mystery Box 2017 Hauls (Items in Spoiler Buttons)


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Folks have requested that we keep the mystery box hauls in a place so that others don't get their surprises spoiled (especially if they're supposed to be for Christmas Day). So here's the question we all ask:

If other users accidently post their hauls in other locations I'll move them to this thread.

To keep the discussion more lively I have decided to keep the mystery items exclusive to the spoiler tags instead.

The items included in the box are:
Blood Blockade Battlefront
Eden of the East (TV & Movies)
Free! Eternal Summer
Samurai Flamenco Part 1
Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning
Tokyo Marble Chocolate
Your Lie in April Part 1
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Seeing as no one else has posted. I got:

Your lie in april pt1
Tokyo Marble Chocolate
free Eternal Summer
Tiger and Bunny the Beginning
Samurai Flamenco pt 1
Eden of the East
Blood blockade battlefront (good guess everyone)

Sorry i don't know how to do spoiler tags : i usually read and don't post anything


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Well that's a whopping 1 title that I didn't have :rolleyes: Looks like I have some selling to do. Good selection though.


Disappointed in a lack of The Case of Hana & Alice, it's the one title I was really wanting to pick up during the whole sale.


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Well that's disappointing i already own all of those, i was hoping at least one of these would be in the box:

The Case of Hana & Alice
Ouran High School Host Club
Tokyo ESP


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There's only two things I don't own here, Tokyo Marble Chocolate and Tiger and Bunny. I own Manga's Eden of the East set, so I'll keep AL's and sell Manga's on. CeX would give me £49 in cash for all the ones I have already plus Manga's Eden set, which isn't bad considering I only paid £30 for the box. Thanks for the free £20 AL! :D


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I knew Eden of the East would be in it. I'd have quite liked that and Tokyo Marble Chocolate, I already have BBB, don't care about the others.

If anyone who got this is looking to move on Eden of the East at a reasonable price then shoot me a PM, it's something I'd like to own but not enough to pay the current price and if it goes out of print I doubt I'd care about not having it anyway.


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Probably the fact the EoE set...
Spoilers :p
Luckily that was the one that I've found out because Eden of the East looks a bit like Anthem of the Heart and that's the one I've already have. EoE is the one I've seen, but not got.

No, "sorry we missed you" card, so it didn't arrive today unless the postie is running later than usual.


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seconded to postman not bringing the goods right about now i can imagine the postman satdown wondering what anime to watch tonight