The 12 Days of Christmas 2019 Sale for Anime Limited and MVM Entertainment


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Oops, I completely missed the 12 days of Anime Limited sale, but at least got a few things from the Funi sale.
No Rin, Shimoneta, Shomin Sample, Prison School and Show by the Rock.

Also ordered the BD mystery set MVM, I hope I get no dupes this year. Last year I got the BD and DVD set and ended up with loads of DVD dupes for what I already had.


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The release date is 2014, so is it a reprint, a new product with different packaging or have they found an old box of them in the warehouse?
Yet there is no image and the previous release was a standard amray set.

Edit: MVM have confirmed it's a new release.

Have ordered it and will sell off my AUS set.


Pre order day!? I was afraid of this... I asked about my change in address soon and was Tom's specific this wouldn't happen, now I hear heavens feel II? I'm still looking a little layer I just got up..

Edit: curses! Curses and hexes! Both heaven’s feel and the berserk steelbook are out in feb, that’s when I expect to be getting moved if things drag on, with my job it’s very likely it will
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For those wondering what the Toradora! CE includes, it's a rigid box with art cards. Surprising they couldn't go out of their way to grab NIS America's booklet but I guess licensing is in the way.

Also if MVM reads this, I am hoping Anohana is still on the schedule since it would usually get BBFC'd by now unless they decided to offer it a CE first like Rascal Bunny Girl did (this would literally save me the hassle of importing the almost out of print Aniplex set lol).