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i Really think that the Tenjho Tenge manga series is just brilliant. the art work is just so bloody good, the fight scenes are just awsome, and the story is very interesting. (not forgetting to mention the amount of fan-service involved here)

i think its just simply great.
(too about the CMX version..although there are talks about an uncut version that could come out in the near future)
are there any other users here who also like/read the manga? if so post aways your thought and opinions on it.

also i was wondering...have the people who are scanslating it online dropped this series? the last chapter that was scanslated was something like 95 or 96 or something. i hope it hasnt dropped!


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I read 58 chapters of the TenTen manga (unedited) before giving up on it; I was curious to see how the story continued after the anime but tbh by the time I got to volume ten I had only the vaguest idea of what the plot was, or even if there was one beneath "everyone beats the crap out each other- now with added sex scenes". The only thing I really like are the character designs for the female characters (and I guess black-haired Nagi isn't too bad).


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In before mcicy :lol:

Heh, I have put this on my reading list and will get round to reading this soon. I must admit, it was the first page echii shot, together with a few recomendations that drew me in.

I was hoping for an actual story though :cry:

At the moment I am going through a manga phase, so I may not bother with going through the trouble of finding the anime.


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Isn't Tenjho Tenge just a whole load of fan service crammed together with DBZ-esque fights to form a manga?

I could be wrong though.

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well yeah, it has lots of fanservice,
but i'm a sucker for good drawings, and Oh Great's art just keeps getting better, and also not to mention the fight scenes they are kool.
(though i must admit, the story is interesting but it can be hard as it gets somewhat complex and confusing )
i still like it though!

also Shafutard, the anime isnt all that, i just like it because of the manga and op hehe. the anime stops with the mitsoumi arc (or the first past arc) thingie, lol. so you wouldnt be loosing out on much.

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yeah, i have cheked that site before.
and yeah, those scenes are F**king graphic, lol
and also were some stupid edits like changing the location of the chapter titles and the middle fingers, lol

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I Just bought the second volume and if i had know about all the edits i wouldn't have F**KING bothered!! how dare they edit manga! nobody edits a Picasso painting do they!?

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i was wondering, does anybody know weather the manga is on a break or if people have stopped scanslating them?
because i have seen no updates for almost months.



I wanted to say that I love Tenjou Tenge! I believe that it's real great Anime and Manga too!

Although I haven't continued the Manga since the Anime was over! I was reading it the same time! I was watching the Anime... and I don't want to know what follows in the story!

Anyway, what I waned to ask is if anyone here knows anything about a second season of some sort for that Anime... or anyway something like that.

Thanks in advance!

PS: Masataka Takayanagi Rules!!! :D


I still want to get the anime, but I know that may be harder than expected to actually get now. I also know about the edits to the manga, but is the manga worth buying at all?
I'm a sucker for good, crisp animation/manga and fanservice too, i.e. I'm not a big fan of Battle Vixen's random smut, but I'd still buy it for the art and such. I've already said that TenTen may surpass Ikki tousen in terms of favourite show.

So in conclusion, is it still possible to get TenTen as the anime? And is not, if the manga worth buying n'th-y odd volumes for?

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if your a big fan of the series then id recomend getting the anime, and import tha manga's if you wanna just support the manga also by importing you get the original uncut version, although it will be in japanese.


Ninja Boy! said:
if your a big fan of the series then id recomend getting the anime, and import tha manga's if you wanna just support the manga also by importing you get the original uncut version, although it will be in japanese.
Ack! The pain of not learning Japanese! Ah well, the anime it is then...
Thanks mate.