Ten Questions With Manga Entertainment UK


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ConanThe3rd said:
Jayme said:
One Piece wouldn't sell half as well as DBZ. At all. One Piece would do probably Bleach numbers, probably less?
"only" Bleach numbers?

Dood, you could put a sakocrap in the street, mark it with the word "Bleach" and people would be killing thmselves for the honour of being allowed to pay you for it.
It does less than Naruto and I figure it would be around the Bleach audience size - the big difference is, One Piece costs a ******* bomb. So no One Piece. It would need to sell Bleach x5.


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One of the main reasons Dragon Ball Z doing so well in the USA was of all the TV coverage it received. With it receiving no TV coverage over here, it would be hard to say how well it would sell over here compared to the Modern Shonen Jump Big three: Naruto, Bleach & One Piece.


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I'm not bothered if One Piece is released over here ive been buying the funimation releases. Shame it wont become really popular over here but oh well. I wouldn't say no to the movies being released tho.

Was meaning how they said they release all the big series bar dragonball z. One Piece is a big series and they didnt mention that. And the question they were asked they could have said DBZ and OP in the answer.