Team Fortress 2 Beta


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I'll try it out if I can... but at the moment Steam is giving me errors about a Friend.dll or something every time I try to log in so I think I need to reinstall/upgrade it.

EDIT: Wait you have to pre-order The Orange Box to get into beta? I'm trying to save cash at the moment :( Oh well


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Anyone else currently playing this? I've almost been unable to pull myself away. Really liking the Heavy - there's nothing better than walking into the enemie's base, supported by a couple of good Medics, and just laying everything to waste :)

Also finding the Scout, Medic and Spy good fun too, but I'm not so fond of the Pyro (he's a bit too weak) or the Soldier (he's a bit.. dull).


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Engineer is by far one of the most fun, or spy. Ive never been the soldier because it seems to plain for me.
The other classes are good aswell, although i still prefer the Engineer over all!