Super Mario Manga Mania Review


That Aikatsu Person
AUKN Staff
In celebration of Mario's 35th anniversary, Viz Media presents this collection of stories from Yukio Sawada's Super Mario-kun manga, which puts its own unique spin on some of Mario's iconic adventures.

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I really enjoyed your review, @Onosume. I didn't actually know before reading it that the stories for this single-volume release were chosen by Sawada himself.

I've got the book on order from Waterstones and will hopefully finally get to collect it once my local branch re-opens. I was honestly rather disappointed when I first learned that we were only getting the one volume, but at least I now know that the stories included were picked by the author.

I know full well that it's something that's never going to happen, but another Mario manga adaptation I would love to see released in some form in English is the so-called "KC Mario" strips that ran in Japan for a decade from 1988 to 1998. I first learned of them from videos like this one on YouTube:

Those strips cover Mario games that are more of my kind of era. The most recent Mario game I've played all the way through is actually Super Mario 64 from 1997, so some of the content in Manga Mania might indeed be a bit lost on me. I love Mario, though, and bought a copy of Viz's Super Mario Adventures as well, so this book was still an easy sell to me.

Great review. 👍

awadama fever

I'm reading this book now and enjoying it, but the "best of" format is a bit frustrating.

It reminds me of when Viz released two best of volumes of Pokemon Adventures, which then seemed to inspire them to resume translating the regular series after it had been lying dormant for years.

I just hope this book sells well enough for them to consider releasing Super Mario-kun from the start. Pokemon, Splatoon and Zelda seem to have done well for them at least.