SunnyCon 2


Just to plug a convention here.

SunnyCon 2 March 23rd - 24th 2013,

Vic Mignogna
Sonny Strait
Cristina Vee
Ginny McQueen
Marissa Meyer
Iasha Masood
Emiline Marshall

Events/ attractions (so far)
Steampunk Acrobats from ViS Emporium
Miku Hatsune concert by Miku UK Project (Crypton Media Futures approved)
£3500 prestige cosplay contest prize pot (1st £2000, 2nd £1000, 3rd £500)
Fan Ran panels
Many artists and dealers
Japanese bakery

There's still plenty more to come as things get sorted for more info check out

Tickets are on sale now
VIP £30 *Now SOLD OUT*(1 hour early entry on both days, a special sunnycon t-shirt and goody bag as well as half price entry into the evening event)
Normal over 13 £25 (Still available)
Under 13's £10.


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My Mom will be up in Sunderland for my Aunt's birthday that weekend, unfortunately I can't get the time off work to travel. :(


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First time I looked at the convention website, but I must say, I am impressed with what this event is offering. Nice array of guests, and proper guests too, not just hoards of minor internet personalities like a certain other convention is known for. I don't like the idea of a £3500 cosplay prize fund though; you could drop a zero off the end and it would still be generous, and what you saved could bolster the charity fundraising total. Aid for Japan need it more than the cosplayers do, and cosplayers would still be well chuffed at a free £200 for winning.