Stuff for sale


Funimation Bluray:
Yamadas first time save
Fractale save
Sankarea with slip
Brothers Conflict with slip - says Region B
Show by rock!! with slip - says Region B

Hentai bluray:
Slave Princess Olivia by softcel
The patients of Dr. Maro by softcel
Anyone you can do... I can do better! by critical mass video

Hentai manga:
Super-Dimensional Love Gun by FAKKU!

Flower of evil The complete 2 and 3

Visual Novels: all mint/resealed
Clannad Kickstarter edition by sekaiproject
Starless: Nymphomaniacs Paradise Limited Edition - 18+
Shiny Days Limited Edition - 18+
Lightning Warrior Raidy 3 Limited Edition - 18+

If you're in London always welcome people to take a look and pickup!
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Gundam Wing Part 1 CE
Gundam 00 Part 1 CE
Opened never watched the discs, no dents or marks, resealed in shrink wrap.

I didnt like Gundam as much as I thought I would :[
£31.50 each