Strange manga/comic?!


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Richy said:
Surely this is the wrong forum for this?

Random Chit Chat, can't think of a better place to put something I found to be interesting enough to share with others?
I wouldn't put it in anime chat as it's not an anime! I get the impression it's Chinese.


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Richy said:
Yeh, so, err...

...I win! ^^;

I didn't know it was a compettion :lol:

kupoartist said:
I did a search for "Raika Manga" and these pages look promising:

And I just have to post this: There's a beautiful piece of Engrish on the first page :D
Looks like a samurai version of Akira!
I just love the 3rd website :lol: It may just be they think their products are actually "bland" :?
I must admit though I kinda expected to see Japanese people modelling the clothing - strange, they look german :eek:


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Im getting a Dojinshi (think thats how you spell it) vibe from that picture, then again it could just be a coincidence.... :?:


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No it's defnitely a proper manga, which I am very surprised about, as it honestly looked like an Akira rip off, although I suppose if you were to actually read it, it could very well be :?
Not my thing though, so I won't bother :lol: