Star Blazers from the eighties (where to get cheap) ?


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Im somewhat interested in Star Blazers /Yamato and i saw that there is a expensive remake series called 2199 out there. But there is also the original 77 episodes series from the eighties. But i saw some very strange high prices for some of them. Is there a way to get this cheaper, perhaps as a compilation ? The bootleggers seem to have only the 2199 version...

If you want actual Star Blazers i.e the dub cut then the Australian release used to be the way to go but thats OOP now I think. The original series isn't available in it's original Japanese form, at least for the 3 series that is. The movies were released in the US but are really bad quality, well honestly the Star Blazers releases are pretty bad quality too.

I have the Australian complete series set of Star Blazers, I'd be open to offers if you can't find a copy but I'm not desperate to sell it even though I don't really need it as I would never watch the US cut of the show myself.


Completely Average High School Student
Thanks for the answers guys!

I think i found a cheap solution: watching the old series on youtube and waiting for a price-reduced box of the 2199-series!


Completely Average High School Student
Isnt there a UK DVD version of the 2199 series (im already used to english subtitles) ? I saw the Italians have cheap prices and even two boxes which contain the half of the series, each at low price.

Im sure the german price of the 2199 series wont drop soon, and im not sure if i am able to pay 200+ bucks for the series - i dont want to go bootleg because the anime sure is worth some money for the work.