Spring Anime 2012


Vampire Ninja
Looks somewhat more positive than the upcoming season. Seems to be i'm sticking to one main theme with the majority of them that sound like something i'll enjoy.

Zetman, Hyouka, Sankarea, Kore Wa Zombie Desuka? Jigokyhen and Medaka Box.


Straw Hat Pirate
I'm not altogether optomistic about Sankarea. It's one of the few manga I follow and is somewhat charming, but the manga is in such relatively early days, I find it hard to believe an anime adaptation will be any good unless it features its own ending and some decent plotwork individual to the series.


I'm pretty sure I liked Medaka Box before it was cool... :I

AKB0048 almost gives me a good reason to stop watching anime though, I mean, sure [email protected] was about idols too but I at least got the impression that someone had tried, somewhat to make the show accessable to people who weren't fans of the game.

But guerilla concerts? And AKB48 is now a legendary group known "world wide", who performed until the the last days on earth? Yeah right.


Vampire Ninja
That list looks very promising so far, I am interested in:

Fate/Zero S2
Zombie Desuka S2
Shining Hearts
Uchuu Kyoudai (This is the one i'm looking forward to the most.)
Medaka Box
Eureka Seven Ao (and very much this as well)


Hyouka interests me with SHouji Gatoh being at the helm for the script. So for the first time since..i dunno when, i can safely say, i want to see this KyoAni title.

Other than that, i'll give Zetman a look into, Eureka Seven, once i eventually finish the first series, possibly Shining Hearts? Can't say. Uchuu Kyoudai suddenly reminds me of Planetes for some reason, so that could be reason enough for me to give it a look into. Erm, bar that. I'll see how people view things i guess.

Rena Ryuugu

There is a lot on that list which I will be watching for sure.

Fate/Zero part 2
Accel World
Saki Achiga-hen Episode of Side-A(been really looking forward to this one)
Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? Jigoku-hen
Sengoku Collection
Medaka Box
Hiiro no Kakera
Shining Hearts
Tasogare Otome X Amnesia


Monsieur Monster
AUKN Staff
Accel World sounds interesting. Not saying I'm looking forward to it, but I'll keep an eye out for trailers. Uchuu Kyoudai also somes intriguing. Upotte! sounds so weird I'll have to at least give it a go xD


A few things that may attract one's interest:
Both Fate/Zero items
K.w. Zombie Desuka 2
Eureka Seven 2

Unsure about Accel World and Shining Hearts, but may double check later.


Magical Girl
Kore Wa Zombie Desuka? Jigokyhen
Fate / Zero (If I ever get around to watching part 1)

I may check a few of the others out too...