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It's been awhile but I've decided to have another clear out again! These are posted on other sites so if they go there first I'll make sure to remove them from here!

There is a mix of regions and conditions so make sure to read the descriptions!

Postage IS NOT INCLUDED IN PRICES. Please ask for postage prices/options.

Generally speaking for the security of the parcels and me and the buyer I will only send items via a signed for method such as Royal Mail Signed For Service (1st or 2nd Class). Where items are higher than £50 in value then I will send via Special Delivery as this is the only option insured above £50.

Payment through Paypal as a GIFT please. If you'd rather not then let me know so I can add fees to cover Paypal fees.

Pictures can be found here : DropBox Images

Feel free to contact me for more in depth descriptions, information on postage, offers (I AM willing to negotiate prices)

Anime Blu-Rays - Region A/Geo Locked

Hozuki's Coolheadedness Series One Complete (Geo Locked) - £30 Discs and case are in very good condition with minor shelf wear. This is in Japanese Language with English Subtitles. Item is Geo Locked. (If you're not sure what this means please ask!)

Anime - Region B Blu-Ray

Gangsta Collector's Edition - £20 SOLD

Durarara Season 1 Collector's Edition + Durarara x2 Sho, Ketsu, Ten Collector's Editions - £120 -
All in very good condition, Season 1 only watched once. Sho is still sealed. Backing paper with content information still attached on all volumes of Durararax2.

Napping Princess Collector's Edition with A4 Art File - £25 - This is the collector's edition from Anime Limited, along with their pre-order bonus of a plastic Art Folder/File. All in very good condition.

Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun Collector's Edition - £35 - All in very good condition, blu ray watched once.

Berserk Collector's Edition Complete Series - £65 SOLD

Your Lie in April Complete Collector's Edition - £80 - SOLD

Time of Eve Deluxe Edition - £40 - SOLD

Sword of the Stranger Collector's Edition - SOLD

Persona 3 Movies 1 – 4 Collector's Edition - SOLD

Dragon Dentist Collector's Edition - SOLD

A Silent Voice Collector's Edition (2nd Version) - £40 -SOLD

Anime - Region 1 DVD

Sentai Filmworks Feature2 Coffee Samurai and Hoshizora Kiseki - £5 - Bought and watched once - Disc and case in very good condition. Sub only release. DVD REGION 1

Anime - Region 2 DVD

Princess Jellyfish Collector's Edition Complete Series - £80 - Discs, Jellyfish Plush and inner disc case all in very good condition, outer art box received some crushing damage on the way to me so one side of the box has crease marks (See pictures on dropbox)

Anime Bundle - £50 SOLD

Planetes Volumes 1 -6 (Complete) - SOLD


Ouran Highschool Host Club Volumes 1 – 18 Complete Collection in Box - SOLD

Anime Books

Naruto The Official Fan Book & The Official Character Data Book Bundle - £15 - SOLD

Bleach Official Character Book Souls & Colour Bleach - £15 - SOLD


Makoto Shinkai - Kotonoha No Niwa (Garden of Words) Memories of Cinema Art Book OOP - £30 - Good condition, minor wear on the outer slip, Size B5, contains art from the film The Garden of Words, all writing is in Japanese.

Sky Longing for Memories - The Art of Makoto Shinkai - £15 - Good condition, has some damage to the spine, mostly on the bottom edge (see pictures). Content is a selection of art works from 5 Centimetres per Second, The Place Promised in Our Early Days, Voices of a Distant Star, and a TV advertisement for the Mainichi Newspaper, along with information about software used etc. Lanuage is in English.

Daisuke Moriyama Art Works: Chronicle - £20 - Very good condition, content mostly artwork by Daisuke Moriyama like Chrono Crusade, World Embryo series, plus pieces from across the artist's career. Includes manga covers, bonus pinups, card game images, RPG artwork and more. Language is in English.

Last Exile Fam Silver Wing Aerial Log Range Murata Art Fan Book (Hard Cover) OOP - £80 - SOLD

Type-Moon Comic Market Visual Collection Concept Tsukihime Art Book - £40 -
Good condition with minor shelf wear. Content features illustrations from TYPE-MOON that includes illustrations from Fate/Stay Night, Melty Blood, Tsukihime, and more from Comic Market 65 to 75 (that is 2003 to 2008). Language is in Japanese.

Naruto Art Book Bundle -The Art of Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto Illustration Book 2, Uzumaki Naruto: Illustrations - £60 - SOLD

Bleach All the Colour but the Black Art Book - £10 -
Very good condition, minor shelf wear.

Barrage - Rei Hiroe Artworks - £20 - SOLD

Catherine - Official Visual & Scenario Collection VENUS - £30 - SOLD

Chiho Saito Illustration Works - Nee La Rose OOP - £80 -
Very good condition, minor shelf wear. Content contains Illustration collection from popular manga artist Chiho Saito. Best know for her work on 'Revolutionary Girl Utena'. Language is in Japanese.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Reunion Files Art Book (softcover) - £40 - Very good condition, minor shelf wear. Content includes many scenes from the film and character biographies etc. Language is a mix of Japanese and English.

Persona 3 The Moive- Official Illustrations and Original Artworks - £80 - Very good condition, minor shelf wear. Content includes illustrations from the 'Persona 3' anime movie. Language is in Japanese.

Hoshino Lily Illustration Works Book – Houseki Kairou Anime Art Book - £30 Book is in good condition with minor shelf wear, though there is some more prominent creasing to the top of the edges of the dust jacket (SEE PICTURES).

Rail Wars Official FanBook – SOLD

Madoka Magica The Illustrated Book - SOLD

Hoshino Lily – Mawaru Penguindrum – Anime Art Book - SOLD

Hoshino Lily Illustration Book Otome Yokai Zakuro Hana Anime Art Book - SOLD
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Items added! I will also be attending MCM on Saturday 29th so will be able to do collections if you are also going! This will mean you won’t have to pay any postage!!!! I will also be a lot more willing to do better deals etc!!!

More items may be added tomorrow (I'm still trying to decide on whether to let a couple of my rarer sets go!)


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Blue Spring Ride Sold, Added 3 x boxes of Green Tea Mochi from Tofu Cute added (Rui told me it was OK to post these - but if anyone is interested please check the packaging when it arrives (they are new and sealed, but obviously people will need to check nothing has happened to them in transit!!)


Blue Spring Ride Sold, Added 3 x boxes of Green Tea Mochi from Tofu Cute added (Rui told me it was OK to post these - but if anyone is interested please check the packaging when it arrives (they are new and sealed, but obviously people will need to check nothing has happened to them in transit!!)
Can I reserve them until I get paid on the 15th please.