space boy cover (Initial D 20th anniversary project 1998 - 2018)


Completely Average High School Student
Here’s Man On The Internet cover of space boy to celebrate 20 years of Initial D anime and produced by myself.

Link to view / viewable below -

Originally released in 1998, this Japanese street racing series had an enduring effect thanks to its mountain touge races, Toyota AE86 appeal, superb Eurobeat music, unique characters and became a popular dank and drift meme source.

Wanted to acknowledge the series by picking one of my favourite eurobeat songs. Originally sung by Dave Rogers, song was used in First Stage 1 The Ultimate Tofu Store Drift when Takumi is drifting down Mount Akina in his AE86.

This is my last produced project for 2018. Comments and feedback are welcome.


Vocals: Man On The Internet - Man on the Internet
Audio Mixing: Caroline Gordon -
Instrumental: Farpras -
Toyota AE86 fanart: YasidDESIGN -
Producer: mynameissport - mynameissport