Sooo...what to watch next [list within!]?

What should I watch next in my Supernatural Season

  • Ghost Hunt

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  • Kara no Kyoukai

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  • Ga Rei Zero

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  • Ghost Hound

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  • Chevalier D'Eon

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  • Air

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  • Puella Madoka Magicka

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  • Negima?!

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Straw Hat Pirate
Umming and ahhing my way through my Halloween themed Supernatural series season; but a little lost on what to check out next as I've not had a chance to move onto the next show after finishing Witch Hunter Robin, so rather than sitting there and say, flipping a coin, I figured I'd get you guys to vote :D


Straw Hat Pirate
Could only really vote for the only one I have seen there... Negima!? Better than the original by a considerable margin, SHAFT do some awesome animation.

Rena Ryuugu

Only seen Ghost Hunt, Air, Puella Madoka Magicka and Negima!? from that list which I all loved watching. But I'm going to say Puella Madoka Magicka since it's just so awesome.


Straw Hat Pirate
Thanks for the feedback so far. Currently on a 3 way tie so hopefully will get a few more votes before crunch time lest the poll be as undecided as me!
I've had Chevalier sitting unloved on my shelf for some time (its the old ADV collectors ed boxset which I grabbed in one of my first anime orders but have never got round to watching), so it might not be a bad shout.


State Alchemist
Nice to see people voting for Chevalier, I didn't think that show had had the greatest reception.

I had to vote KnK, though, since Madoka's fantasy elements don't quite give the same "supenatural" feel that I think you're looking for.

Reaper gI

Pokémon Master
Going Garden of Sinners. It's the one I wouldn't label as being another genre so much(maybe horror).
Much as I like SHAFT, Negima!?'s just a really crazy harem comedy. Madoka's literary trappings are rather heavy, but looks great if each ep runs predictably (like Geass R2).
Chevalier is quite a stupid premise but worked well from what I remember of it.


Voted for Ga-Rei Zero.

Of the other shows, I have also seen Ghost Hound and Air which are both good. I have only seen the first series of Negima so I can't comment on Negima?! and I have seen episode 1 of Chevalier D'Eon on a Newtype USA cover disc - I didn't like it.


I voted Madoka because you're best betting on a winner, and Negima!? doesn't look like it's going to come out on top.

However, I would still recommend Negima!?, very shafty and pretty cheap buy too. I remember how pleased I felt when I bought each season half for £13 each, good times.


Straw Hat Pirate
I was kinda planning on ending my season with Negima as I started it with the original version so it seemed fitting.

Based on feedback here and elsewhere think it's going to be Chevalier next followed by Puella with Kara or Ghost hunt following behind.