Songs you like and dislike at this moment in time.

Mini Mariah

Straw Hat Pirate
Loving : Silence - Delerium Featuring Sarah McLachLan, its so trancy and makes me think of FFVIII

Hating: Who's Your Daddy - Benny Bennasi, the video is degrading and the women in it have no self respect for themselves, and the song it ****!


Sami said:
Disliking ; ANYTHING by that annyoing 'Lil Chris' or 'High School Musical' -_-;

High School Musical... HIGH SCHOOL F'ING MUSICAL!... If I see or hear another frigging song or advert relating to that film i'm going to put my foot through the TV. I'll give them High School F'ing Musical! :evil: :x


Brigade Leader
Akon - Smack That

WHY is this STILL on chav's phones?!
Every ******* time I get on a bus, this disease of a song comes on.
Hated it ever since it came out, worst number 1 in a good while.


Death Scythe
Muse's new record, Black Holes and Revelations, has been a regular feature on the CD deck at my place lately but my personal favourite has to be the second song Starlight - possibly the best song they've ever done. Great stuff.

Gallus Glee

Dandy Guy, in Space
The last few weeks I've been listening to:

Urban Hype - Trip to Trumpton (old skool rave)
Nickelback - Saving Me
Sean Paul - Get Busy (can't stop listening to it)
Chaos Legion OST - Bloody Truth, Choir of Curse, Massive Strokes (2 boss tunes and the final boss tune)
Kajagoogoo - Too Shy Shy (God knows why, I certainly don't)
Junior Senior - Move Your Feet remix (a dark and seriously um-bongo mix that was a b-side from the Rhythm Bandits single, fantastic tune).


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Cant stop listening to Vanilla by Gackt at the moment.

Getting on my nerves is Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance,no particular song though,any of them :?



Fall out Boy - Arms Race (or **** Face which is what the lyrics actually sound like)

All my 3 Doors Down Albums


Pretty mush all of the dance music I heard on Radio 1 last night as I drove home, I'm glad I keep my CD's in my car