So There Is A Fake Twitter Of Me

Discussion in 'Random Chit-Chat' started by Invisible Crane, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. Invisible Crane

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    Long story short, last month I deactivated my Twitter account due to bullying and harassment and as soon as the InivislbeCrane username was free, someone takes it and makes up a fake account pretending to be me Grant McLellan (@InvisibleCrane) | Twitter This is my real one btw Grant McLellan (@GrantMcLellan9) | Twitter

    Now I could just ignore it but there is a big problem. Whoever runs this fake Twitter knows I am a huge fan of stuff like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Star Vs The Forces Of Evil, etc and has already gone to tweeting people involved with them. This is not good because the last thing I want is people involved in things I like thinking I'm messing with them on Twitter when I'm not. I've tried reporting it for impersonation but I don't think it's going to work. I get the impression Twitter would only do something if maybe I had followers in the thousands/millions
  2. KingJimmeh

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    I don't know how much difference it'll make, but I've also reported it as well.
  3. Joshawott

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    I've reported as well, but to be honest, Twitter's support are useless unless you're a headline-making case like Leslie Jones. I once had someone imitate me, sending Tweets to sites I was affiliated with saying that "I" quit. Twitter refused to do anything, so I had to wait until they got bored.
  4. ayase

    ayase Godhand

    That's pretty crappy. It's times like this I'm glad I don't really do social media and for the most part stick to being pseudonymous or anonymous. The whole atmosphere on platforms like Twitter just seems so troll infested and toxic.
  5. Invisible Crane

    Invisible Crane School Idol

    Funny you mention the whole fiasco surrounding Leslie Jones cause someone on Twitter who is part of the group of people that stalks and harasses me got heavily involved in that and is still somewhat proud of that (this guy loves trash talking SJWs on Twitter and acts surprised when they block him. It's like he never learns)

    DÜSTIE Hikikomori

    Listen, can you leave Grant alone. We all know you're pretending to be him here to get him suspended on Twitter. Not cool. Talk about punching down...
  7. Rui

    Rui Karamatsu Boy Administrator

    Leaving this here rather than deleting it to say that creating a puppet account specifically to bully another member for jollies is not acceptable here. This is a formal warning. I suggest you heed it.

    Regarding the actual problem, I do think ignoring (and silently reporting) is the only way. Getting upset feeds the attacker's desperate need for the attention they're so sorely missing in their own life. Ultimately anyone can pretend to be you, with or without the account name, but if you make sure all of your online 'identities' clearly link back to the correct account then it's easy for people to verify that it's a fake. Maybe it's a good excuse for a new online nickname?

  8. Buzz201

    Buzz201 Mad Scientist

    Bizarrely, this has happened to a couple of other AUKN members. @thedoctor2016 changed his Twitter username briefly as a joke, at the behest of Discord users, only for Thedoctor2016 to be gone before he could change it back. Based on the likes, one would assume it was a Discord user.

    Fortunately, the person with his account does not seem malicious/is now bored.
  9. st_owly

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    I have also reported it. The pinned tweet made me laugh.
  10. Zin5ki

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    Perhaps what they say about imitation and flattery holds true! Though I have yet to receive the tainted privilege of an imposter.